Betron Retro is a set of pricey-looking headphones for folks on a budget

This is a great looking pair of headphones available at an astonishing price. Unfortunately, they're only available in Europe.

I've looked at Betron headphones in the past, partly because they're a British brand making good products. I like that. The others I've tried have been modern-looking, comfortable and most of all, great-sounding considering the low price point.

The latest pair of over-ear headphones from Betron is quite different. They're simply called "Retro," and it's easy to see why.

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Same quality sound

Bad sounding headphones aren't worth your time, no matter how awesome they look. However, Betron has been successful at producing many different headphones with consistent sound quality across the range.

The Retro comes with 40mm drivers, just as with other headphones in its range, and the sound is on par with the HD1000 I previously reviewed.

In short, it's very good, especially for £19.99, the current asking price of these headphones. You get good clarity, bass that is far from overwhelming, as well as excellent volume. Overall it's a well-balanced sound, if slightly "warm." Personally, I like that, but your tastes may differ.

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All about the retro style

I'm not trying to pass over the sound quality because it's important that these sound good. And they do. For budget headphones, you'll be very happy.

But, for once, the design is the stand out feature. These things look amazing.

The Retro uses a suspended headband design, similar to what we've seen on recent SteelSeries gaming headsets. That means there is no adjustment in the regular sense; you just plop them on your head, and they adjust themselves.

It works and it makes larger headphones like this more comfortable to wear. The suspended headband is finished in a leather-like material, while the actual frame is metal. The earcups, while looking like metal, are all plastic. But who cares, when they look this good?

Despite being giant, they're very light, and the thick cushions are ridiculously soft. I've worn the Betron Retro on my head for hours at a time without any discomfort at all. You even get an element of passive noise isolation. It's not nearly enough to shut out the outside world if you're on a train or a plane, but it's still reduced somewhat.

The bottom line on Betron Retro

These headphones have a great design, solid sound quality and an amazing price tag. The same regional limitations still apply, so you're limited to getting these in Europe, but that doesn't affect the quality.

The Betron Retro headphones are so comfortable it's crazy. Compared to the Audio Technica M50x that I normally use, these headphones are like a giant fluffy cloud on the head.

If you're in the market for a solid pair of headphones on a tight budget, they're well worth a look. The cable is plenty long enough, they look much more expensive than they actually are, and you'll have pleasure wearing them all day long.

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