Bing has a brand new name and logo — meet 'Microsoft Bing'

Bing Logo
Bing Logo (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Bing is shifting to the name "Microsoft Bing."
  • The new name reflects how the search engine integrates with other Microsoft services.
  • The name change also appears to come with a new logo.

Microsoft is rebranding Bing to better reflect its integration with the rest of Microsoft's products. Going forward, Microsoft will refer to the search engine as "Microsoft Bing." This isn't a radical shift that removes the Bing name, but it places emphasis on Bing working with other Microsoft services such as the Windows taskbar and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft discusses this shift in a Bing blog post that also outlines some new options for Bing users. The blog post briefly covers the shift to the Microsoft Bing name and then goes into greater detail into the expansion of the Give with Bing program, which allows you to donate to charities with Microsoft Rewards.

Microsoft partnered with singer, songwriter, actor, and producer Janalle Monáe to help under-served communities through the Social Justice Learning Institute. The company also partnered with Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams to work with the Why Not You Foundation, which was founded by Seahawks star Russell Wilson.

In total, Give with Bing now supports 1.4 million organizations around the world. Through December 31, 2020, Microsoft will match the points donated to organizations through Give with Bing. Microsoft shared that over $1 million has been donated through Give with Bing so far.

Though the Bing blog doesn't mention this specifically, today's announcement appears to come with a new logo as well. When you open a new tab with Bing, a new Bing icon appears in the address bar. The same new icon also appears on the Microsoft Bing app (opens in new tab) on the Google Play Store and the official Microsoft Bing Twitter account. The curvier logo has been in testing since April but seems to be rolling out more widely now.

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  • Adding Microsoft to the front of the name is not going to make it any better, still a long way behind Google, not that I use Google search engine either, just like bing, too much tracking.
  • Track me all you want if you are paying me reward points.
  • I can't use one exclusively anymore. Google is good finding relevant searches while Bing sucks at it. However, Bing is less censored than Google, so I find many stuff that's been removed on Google.
  • bing is great for porn
  • For the win! I can honestly say I never once judged a search engine by the quality of the porn search results. From this point forward, with this idea in my head, my rather PG-13 evaluation standards are permanently altered.
  • In countries like South Korea, there were times when people heard the sound of 'Bing God'. Because the porn search was excellent. But among Asian countries, porn is illegal in most countries. That's why you can't use Bing Search to search porn with SafeSearch, even in South Korea. It was the only merit of Bing search, but the merit is gone. SafeSearch is enforced, and you need to install a VPN extension to bypass it in another area for porn to be searched.
  • Not as much tracking as Google and not nearly as much profile building. But if that is your concern then use Duck Duck Go. I find Duck Duck Go as good as any of them.
  • I do use Duck duck go, got it on the mobile as well.
  • 🤣🤣🤣 Really?
    And you complain?
  • Not complaining , just saying that a name change is not going to make it better
  • Google is so bad compared to Bing now
  • True. Agree with you. You just can't search proper news piece on Google anymore. It is totally trash and hijacked with single opinion and filled with useless "opinion" based articles instead of factual ones.
  • About normal for all search engines, as Trump puts it, fake news. I think we have had enough of that over the last couple of days,
  • The only thing of use that Bing has ever found for me is Google.
  • The only thing I don't regularly use Bing for is Maps. I particularly find image search much more useful in Bing than in Google.
  • I use Bing all the time so with the name change I have to ask (quote from Men in Black movie) "and that means WHAT to me?"
  • Silly. Are people going to now start using the 4 syllable name rather than the 1 syllable name?
  • Nice. That is a great point.
  • Yeah, but it show it belongs to Microsoft, which is what MS wants, then again maybe it is not such a good idea. I have had people ask in the past who owns bing, now people will know .
  • That stings. Where's the love?
  • For Microsoft? None at all.
  • Bing... that name should have never been. However, Microsoft Bing is definitely not a good rebrand. They really need help with branding. Surface has been the best name branding they have come up with recently.
  • Surface "Neo" and Surface "Duo" are pretty bad.
  • Noticed that I only mentioned Surface, though. 😂
  • Well, bing was rumoured to stand for "bing is not Google" or "because it's not Google" at the time....never confirmed by m$, but a tacit admission that Google had already won.
  • Overwhelmed by this daring change. The adrenaline rush might kill me.
  • And I thought I was the only one to get a lightheaded.
  • I've been using Bing Search for 10 years and find it easier for me to navigate than Google. I think adding the Microsoft to the front is fine, but by itself isn't going to drive more traffic to it. I don't fully understand why Bing has an image problem. I genuinely find it preferable to Google.
  • Depends on the country. For example for Asian countries bing image is not even half as good as Google.
  • I live in an Asian country, but I don't use Bing. The reason is that it is too trash compared to the competing search engine Google. It's the worst. In the past, pornography has been superior because it has an advantage, but in most Asian countries, pornography is illegal. So, in countries like South Korea, where I live, SafeSearch was enforced. So the benefits of porn search have disappeared. And the search is too bad compared to Google. In English-speaking countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, Bing looks quite as useful as Google. But not Bing in Asian countries. In South Korea, the Bing app has also disappeared from the Google Play store. It is said that it is not supported in the region. I wonder if Microsoft is willing to improve Bing Search. And services such as Microsoft Rewards are not available in Korea. This reward service is only available in some countries. In addition, the Bing main screen is different from the priority countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and France, and the main screen of Asian countries. In key markets, things like IMAGE OF THE DAY, RECENT HOMEPAGE IMAGES, ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY are marked. However, only the major markets are marked so, and in the region where I live, only the news is displayed at the bottom. Microsoft must provide the same home page screen to all countries. Features like the United States should be available to all countries. And you need to boost your search power as well as Google.
  • Navigate? No difference to be honest. i just done a search for my home town on both Bing and google and both pages look almost the same, apart from Google realised I was in the UK and wanted the U.K one.
    But they are both the same, but bing does have click buttons above with Weather, Points of interest, Culture and History that could be useful. I have not used Google for a while, I see now they stick up a silly dialogue box with sign in on, if you do not sign in then they ask you to click on I agree button, no doubt another silly thing from the E.U. bing don't have this, but it did bring up a load of photos and stuff before I even start.
    I use duck duck Go normally and that is just as easy to navigate,, but that comes up with stuff on the landing page, normally saying how secure it is and free from tracking, not that I often use it that way, I have the search engine on firefox as duckduck go. I have been using DDG for a fair few years now, it normally does what I need, if it does fail to bring the right result, which is not that often, I will use google, but then i normally find that fails as well, it is sometimes the way you word things.
  • Bing, oops, Microsoft Bing, is a great search engine if you live in the USA, not sure if that holds up in different locales though. My big issue with MB is it doesn't use Google Maps. I consider that a crime against humanity. I wish it were possible to specify the default mapping service. The reason MB isn't more widely used is this: "Google It". Done. Game over. This goes double when you spot Google a multiple year head start. When I started dumping Google a few years ago I found myself resisting switching to Bing; the whole resistance was irrational. A week later I was like, what's a Google?
  • “The reason MB isn't more widely used is this: "Google It". I always say Yahoo It. “This goes double when you spot Google a multiple year head start.” I was using Yahoo before Google existed.
  • I know people who live in the U.S and they will not use Bing due to not getting the results they want. Google maps are pretty good, but their street view is a bit of a privacy problem. Thankfully they only been down here twice and I can not see them coming around here again as nothing is going to change. I remember when I first saw Google, I was sent to some job training thing when I was out of work, and they got me to help out with the computers and someone pointed it out, I liked it because the screen was nice and clean. Little did we know then what it would become.
  • That is nice
  • I do all my searches with Bing, I never have a problem finding what I want; ever. And I almost never have to go down the search results very far. It looks better and is just as fast as Google. The Rewards and Give are great bonuses that Google does not do, but it has anti-trust issues to pay for instead I guess...
  • Another year another Microsoft rebrand!
  • Year? More like month.
  • Heads up to Bing users. There is a dark mode on Bing online settings. Flocking this applies to your entire Ms account. See my Twitter feed for details. @krispetrin
  • How 'bout Ba-Da Bing? 😉
  • I actually like that. But, that's to consumer friendly. lol
  • Rim shot! Best name ever.
  • I am pretty sure whoever got Bing changed to Microsoft Bing pushed through probably got a promotion, a raise, and stock options. Life is not fair. This reminds me of when the Seattle Public Library blew $935,000 studying changing its name to Seattle Public Libraries. And that was before the costs of implementing this change. Thankfully, the public humiliation that was rained down on the Library was vicious and endless. It is still known as Seattle Public Library.
  • so this type of thing happens everywhere huh?? it's really crazy how much they steal money so shamelessly
  • I don't think they meant that when someone said "get rid of that horrible name".
  • “Rebranding” only happens when things are not going well. Google search will never be renamed “Alphabet Google”. Meet the new Bing. Same as the old Bing.
  • Things must be going terrible at Google.
  • Thanks for making my point.
  • I don't know what the issue so many commenters have here. Microsoft is a well-respected and trusted brand. Adding its name to a product that struggles to gain traction in some markets makes sense to me. People will see that it's a MS product, try it, and realize it works about as well as Google.
  • Bing just never made a good verb. Microsoft Bing isn't better. I think the bigger disadvantage is the customary tech view that the only thing IE/Edge is good for is downloading Chrome. Once you do that, you kind of get Google, unless you proactively change it to Bing. Who does that?
  • What a giant nothing-burger. The useless bing was launched in June 2009....right now it has managed a market share of less than 3%. By any standards, it is a failure.
  • Being antiBing is so boomer
  • I personally think this is all part of a plan to merge with Which I think would be great. The fact that still exists is bewildering. Almost as bewildering as the fact that still exists. But especially for Microsoft. Merging the two would mean less duplicate effort.
  • I use bing exclusively! Much better results! And Microsoft rewards!