We haven't even passed Halloween 2021 yet and already, Black Friday deals are here, cluttering up retailer pages with gigantic discount signs screaming at you, eagerly telling you how to spend your money. So, in keeping with that theme, here's a possible way you can spend your money: On a 55-inch Samsung Frame series 4K UHD TV.

This isn't just any TV, mind you. This $999 screen (down from its standard price of $1,499, representing a sizeable 33% discount of $500 off) packs 4K resolutions and 55 inches of screen real estate. That's a whole lotta ultra HD action for a whole lotta money.

Television transformation

Samung Frame Tv Reco

55-inch Samsung Frame series 4K UHD TV

Framed filmography

Tired of boring, old-school picture frames? Want a picture frame that can display Zack Snyder's Justice League instead of just another flower painting? Samsung's got the TV for you, and right now, it's $500 off (a 33% discount).

And really, are you getting just a TV with this deal? Perhaps not. Maybe you're getting something more, if you're a fine-art lover who wants all the social respectability of a big ol' picture frame but all the fun of a screen that can play Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 4K on a neverending loop.

The choice is yours as to whether Samsung's gimmick is worth roughly $1,000 (factor in your local sales tax) of your hard-earned money. But in the event you're not interested in a TV disguised as a picture frame, know that Samsung has other offerings on the table. Like its freshly announced Galaxy Books, including the Galaxy Book Odyssey and Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G edition. Those will set you back a minimum of $749 but are worth investigating if you're after the best Windows laptops and not TVs.

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