The Blue Yeti Nano is ready to record your next podcast

Blue Microphones, the makers of the Yeti (opens in new tab) and the Snowball (opens in new tab), have a brand new plug-and-play USB mic on sale right now called the Yeti Nano (opens in new tab). It is currently $99.99 on Amazon. While the only currently available color is Smoke Grey, you can also order it in Vivid Blue (opens in new tab) and Red Onyx (opens in new tab). These versions are currently labeled as "Temporarily Out of Stock." We do not yet know when they will become available, but that just means they will be shipped when they come in.

At $100, the Yeti Nano starts at a price that's just under $30 less than the standard price of the larger Yeti. Considering we regularly see deals on the Yeti (it was down to $89 for Prime Day), you can bet the Yeti Nano won't stick to that retail price for very long either. The Nano simplifies big brother's formula with streamlined on-board controls. On the front is a single dial that both adjusts the volume and can be pressed to mute the mic with a red or green glow to indicate if its active. The back has just one button for determining two polar patterns - cardioid and omnidirectional - depending on how you're recording. The very bottom of the mic has the headphone jack and USB connection port.

The Nano no longer has a gain control knob because Blue wants you to do that in the Sherpa audio app (opens in new tab), a new addition that pairs with this mic. Inside the app you will have options like gain control, levels, patterns, and more. This app will extend to all of Blue's mics eventually, but right now it only works with the Nano.

This new mic will eventually be available at several retailers besides Amazon (opens in new tab), although it is still only listed as a pre-order at places like B&H (opens in new tab).

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John Levite
Deals Editor

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