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Todoist is taking on Trello with their new Boards organizational app

Boards is the latest project from the team at Todoist, and it is a stand-alone Windows 10 app that puts your tasks on a board instead of a list. If you've ever seen or used Trello, the task management app that uses a card-based interface, this will look very familiar to you.

While looking at better ways to manage tasks, the Todoist team wanted to try stripping down some of the features, changing the appearance and seeing how it would all work out.

The team describes it as:

"If you think about Boards, it's essentially a stripped-down version of the Todoist app with very specific UI pieces swapped for something different. However, the basics stay the same: synchronizing with servers, storing data locally, natural date parsing, etc. As we're building the Todoist for Windows 10 app, we're trying to adhere to certain decisions about how the app is structured internally in order to create a certain architecture.

By decoupling elements of its service, Todoist was able to get Boards up and running quickly. The team is very interested in user feedback to help improve the new service, so be sure to check it out and let them know what you think.

Download Boards by Todoist from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Source: Todoist (Medium)

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  • We're big Trello users so it'll be interesting to see how this app/service compares. Looks nice, plus hey, Universal.
  • I love trello but am not overly impressed with the Phone apps that are available.  (I currently use Trello Central and Treyo! on WP8.1).  I know they had an official app for Trello on Windows 8.1 but that seems to have become stagnant.  Have you heard of anything new for Trello or any universal apps coming down the pipe from a 3rd party?
  • Nothing yet regarding an official app, which is what makes Boards tempting.
  • After a quick Bing of moving Trello data to ToDoist I saw some IFTTT recipes.  Haven't dug into it to much but I would assume that there would be a way to keep them in sync so that I can edit ToDoist in the apps and trello on the web and it just "works".  (I wasn't a huge fan of the ToDoist web interface).  Food for thought.
  • Awesome to hear you consider us Daniel, would love to hear your thougts on both apps :-) Also, we're very much commited to supporting Windows 10!
  • As do we at my company. Definitely checking this app out.
  • 2Day app also has a very functional to, do board.
  • tell me if you find it on store ( Windows mobile 10 )
  • I can't find it in the Phone store. An app that really uses the Live TIle well for task/project management is what I am after. Currently using 2Day. It is the best at leveraging the live tile  - but it is VERY basic at it. I keep pleading with developers: "Look at Chronos Calendar and give me a task management live tile that uses project and stage data using colors... on the Live Tile. Why is that so hard?
  • Great idea. Do you have dev skills to make a beta?
  • What happened with the Universal app for Todoist, first of all?