Bridge Constructor Portal launches on Xbox One this month

Bridge Constructor Portal
Bridge Constructor Portal (Image credit: Headup Games)

Bridge Constructor Portal may not have been the Portal game many were hoping for, but it's still seems like a lot of fun. The game previously released on PC and mobile in December 2017, and has since been played by countless gamers. The title is finally making its way to Xbox One on February 28, 2018 for $9.99. Bridge Constructor Portal will also be available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 around the same time.

Portal is all about solving puzzles by using a device which creates wormholes. You can place an entrance and an exit on opposite sides of the map, which can be used to transport objects or even yourself. This allows you to reach new places and solve a variety of puzzles.

Bridge Constructor Portal is a spin-off of the popular Bridge Constructor franchise and features technology straight from Valve's cult classic. The game contains exciting challenges against the nemesis of the Portal franchise, GLaDOS, as well as teleportation and bridge building.

In our review of the game, we said that it was a good experience. Bridge Constructor Portal may "not blow you away, but it's a fun puzzle title that makes good use of portals and puts a new twist on a classic formula. For Portal fans, it's an excellent opportunity to revisit the classic world of Portal with a slightly different approach."

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