Bridge Constructor makes its way to Windows Phone 8 after over a year on iOS and Android

Want to play a game that requires more thinking instead of furiously tapping on the screen? Well, check out Bridge Constructor for Windows Phone 8. Become a master bridge builder as you go through 40 different levels. You pass each level when cars or trucks can go across.

There are different materials available for you to create bridges, but can you stay within the budget? Head past the break to watch our hands on video and gameplay using the Nokia Lumia Icon.


  • 40 Levels on the island nation of Camatuga
  • Free build mode and help system
  • 4 different building materials: wood, steel, cables, concrete pillars
  • Color coded load indicator for different building materials
  • Three different load bearing levels: car, truck and tank truck
  • High score per level

There are a lot of solutions and approaches in passing the levels. The only limit is your budget. There are different materials available for each individual bridge: wood, steel, cables, or concrete pillars. Depending on the level, some materials will be unavailable. Select the material from the right side of the screen and then start creating.

We’re not going to lie. Bridge Constructor is a little tough. We think there should be more tutorials or tips to help new players early in the game. There are tips available, but they will cost you. One coin helps you get started, while two coins reveal the solution. You don’t have unlimited coins, so use them sparingly.

Once you think you’re done building the bridge, click the play button on the lower right corner. You can test the bridge with cars, trucks and even, super-heavy tank trucks. You pass when they cross the finish line on the other side.

Bridge Constructor just recently became available at the Windows Phone Store, but it has been out for iOS and Android for over a year already. There are over 11 million players worldwide according to the store listing. Bridge Constructor costs $1.99, but there’s a free trial available. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • i got this game for free on my ipad via appofthe day , nice to see this game on windows phone
  • No Xbox live, no download no buy...
  • you should add no comment to that
  • Buddy no offense towards the developer they are working hard, but xbl titles fetch more competitiveness...thats the reason i uninstalled world at arms, so had to get Facebook friends as alies
  • Your approach punishes the dev, rather than MS and reactions like this and the whole no achievements no buy results in slowing momentum when it comes to devs joining the platform. Would you rather have games with no achievements or no games at all? Because all these devs will probably make the achievements possible once the process is changed.
  • I agree with anirban130: I want Xbox achievements when I build bridges! Otherwise, it just sounds like work, and I'm not even a structural engineer. Anyway, telling someone who doesn't download a game that lacks Xbox Live that he's hurting the dev is a one-sided way to look at things. If a gamer cares about Xbox achievements and a game doesn't have Xbox achievements, that means the gamer isn't interested in that game and has absolutely no obligation to download it. If the developer wants to get that gamer's business, the developer has to provide the features he cares about. That's how the marketplace works.
  • that's so backwards, essentially if you are only getting games for xbox achievements all games are the same to you, that means you place more value on a crappy game with xbox achievements over a great game without them. "That's how the market works" - if the market only consists of windows phones sure. But if people dont' download games unless they have xbox achievements, eventually developers will stop developing for windows phone and will just focus on the other bigger platforms. Microsoft is playing catchup so if they want their unique feature of xbox achievements to help them grow their platform, they need it to make the entire process easier. So it's on microsoft and not on the devs and your argument is only punishing you and not the dev.
  • Dude i say forget achievements, except few games no game in windows store offer multiplayer option without involving Facebook friends n all... Look at asphalt 8, no Xbox nothing, game went viral because of local wlan connectivity n awesome multiplayer option , no Facebook friends nothing, i want that sort of games... Or else bring achievements i will at least compete with myself to fullfill it
  • Had all that in Asphalt 7 + Xbox live.
  • " that means you place more value on a crappy game with xbox achievements over a great game without them." What's wrong with that? To each his own. Who are you to judge? Besides, if Xbox achievements are what floats your boat, then a game with xbox achievements is automatically better than a game without one, so your argument is moot. You're imposing your subjective standards of evaluation onto other people and declaring them "backwards" if they don't agree with your standards. No, that's just  not true. Developers will make games for whichever platform has enough users to justify  making the game. If one of those platforms has a niche market of gamers that require them to add in certain features, then they will do so if they want that market. If the market is large enough, they will capitulate. If it's not, they won't. It's all about demand. And for the Xbox aficionados niche, if they reward developers by downloading games without achievements--that is, games they are not interested in--that will in no way encourage the developer to make their next game Xbox integrated. In fact, it'll do the opposite. My argument isn't about punishing anyone. My argument is that people should download whatever games they want and no one else should judge them for what games they do or do not download. That's a fair stance for everyone.
  • "So your argument is moot" "You're imposing your subjective standards of evaluation" -  What you are essentially saying is that you value the game premise/context less than xbox achievement. So essentially you don't need games, you just need xbox achievements. That's irrational and makes your argument moot. Here's an idea, design an app where you earn xbox achievements by clicking a button, then certify it, then you can get xbox achievements while you get xbox achievements. "My arguemnt isn't about punishing anyone. My arugment is that people should download whatever games they want" - you are actively trying to get people not to download games because they don't have xbox acheivements, trying to boycott non xbox tagged games. Every game article you post the exact same stuff over and over again and when someone contradicts you, you say they are applying their subjective standards and are judging you. When all people are trying to show you is that it's not about the devs it's about MS. If you're really on a crusade, boycott both, but that would require leaving WP and that's not as convinieint is it?  "No one else should judge them for what games they do or do not dowload" - By that notion no one should judge developers for what games they do or don't release with the xbox tag, yet here you are in every game article. I've proposed a more moderate response, but you would rather have a boycott because "that's how the market works". Well geuss what pal, right now WP is a drop in the bucket when it comes to the market, and people that need xbox achievements are a drop in that drop. No downloading will only serve to undermine the platform, you need to recognize that there is more to the game than just xbox achievements and you can do both, keep applying pressure on MS while supporting devs who are releasing good games without xbox achievements at the moment
  • Nope, that's a fallacy. I enjoy earning Xbox achievements: achievements add replay value, challenge skill, and provide a fun point of comparison with friends. You're missing the point entirely and then deeming it "irrational". That's not what's going on here. Nobody is arguing that they want games with acheivements replaced with an app where they automatically get achievements (which would obviously never get approved, although Collapse! is pretty close to that, so it's a pretty irrelevant example). No, do NOT misrepresent me. I am NOT actively encouraging ANYONE from buying any game they want. I have never done that. I've always said, if you want to play a game, then play a game. If you don't want to play a game, then don't. And either way, don't criticize anyone else for wanting or not wanting a game. Nope, you're misrepresenting me again. This isn't about judging developers. I'm very aware of the difficulties indie developers have in releasing Xbox games on Windows Phone. That's why I actively encourage Microsoft via #SaveXboxWP on Twitter to extend the ID(at)Xbox program to Windows Phone. I've downloaded several indie games (Machine, VALA, Pocket Sheep, etc.) and given detailed feedback to developers on how to improve the game. Stop labeling me. You don't know what you're talking about. Again, a misrepresentation. I'm not boycotting anything, nor am I encouraging others to boycott anying. Telling people they are free to download or not download whatever they want is not a boycott. Yes, WP is a drop in the bucket right now and if Microsoft were smart they'd push the Xbox on WP thing ten-fold because that's the only way they're going to gain a more enticing gaming platform in comparison to iOS and Android. Without Xbox on WP all we get is sloppy seconds, ports one year later (like this game) instead of the definitive version of the game with disthinguishing features.
  • Ok, this is going no where....start a user voice petition and get it upvoted, instead of posting the same stuff over and over again over here and arguing with many different people about the same topic. You're not helping your cause.   all the best
  • Thanks for the suggestion, but I have a PhD in social movement theory. I know what I'm doing. Recruiting ideologically aligned gamers on WPCentral and like sites and encouraging them to protest Microsoft on a public forum like Twitter is much more effective.
  • Except when it has had absolutely no effect and could almost be considered as doing the exact opposite given that there has been further decline in xbox certifications since your movement, but that's arguing causality.
  • The movement developed in reaction to a decrease in Xbox Live releases, thereby precluding reverse causality, as you suggest. Suggesting that the movement has led to a further decrease in Xbox releases has very little credibility and does not make sense theoretically or logically.
  • ...on the other hand, there does not seem to have been an increase, suggesting that you are not winning.
  • "design an app where you earn xbox achievements by clicking a button, then certify it, then you can get xbox achievements while you get xbox achievements."   Loved it xD
  • Oke if everybody takes us a other way, forget achievements at least make it with multiplayer option without Facebook friends n all shit...
  • I have played many gamelofts game which are without xbl tag like asphalt 8. Atleast gameloft provide a multiplayer option, where somebody somewhere creates a room, n u join n play...thats all we want..
  • Well then suggest a multiplayer option instead of saying no xbox no buy
  • I don't see any game with such options for very long, ridiculous
  • I'm not saying you don't have a point, you do, i'm saying your going wrong about communicating your point man
  • Its a message being sent to all involved, devs and Microsoft. Ultimately its Microsoft that has to make changes but if no one says or does anything it will just continue and we'll basically be playing android games and last I looked people are on WP because they want WP features. Xbox live is one of those features hence the boycott of games that lack that feature. #SaveXboxWP! :)
  • Wouldn't this message be better heard by voting on uservoice instead of making the same statement over and over again on every article about a game without xbox tag? By boycotting games you run the risk of pushing the devs away from the platform, but voting on uservoice you're communicating the need to Microsoft who essentially is responsible for the whole xbox tag without pushing the devs away
  • Devs will see the feedback and communicate that to Microsoft. Plus we are communicating directly with MS via twitter, so we are letting all involved know we want full WP support for all games, not just from big developers.
  • ....or get fed up and stick with android and ios. At the end of the day it's up to Microsoft. Twitter is great, but you gotta get the votes on uservoice, right now I don't see anything regarding Xbox as one of the top votes so either there arent' enough people that need this or you guys are going wrong about communicating this.  Once again, I also think it would be great if all games had xbox achievements, but you can go about this without trying to punish the devs when it's really out of their hands. Vote on uservoice, tweet and in the mean time download the games you like. Probably a more balanced approach rather than boycotting everything.
  • Because uservoice is an ineffective platform, the digital equivalent of dropping a piece of paper in a suggestion box that only a few unimportant, low-level employees will read. No one uses it. In contrast, hundreds of millions of people use Twitter and it's a public forum. Calling out Microsoft on Twitter is much more effective. And recruiting people to do so on WPcentral (and the like) is a better mobilization strategy because, as you can see by all the Xbox-related comments here, there are a lot of gamers in the 'mobilization base' (i.e. people who agree and would therefore be more likely to participate) on these sites.
  • A lot of the top suggestions are being implemented, control ring tone and media volume separately has over 90K votes. You're right, no one uses it. Also I guess one needs a Phd not to realize that doing uservoice in addition to twitter is better than just doing twitter. But hey good luck.  
  • A sociology professor would reply, "Yes, of course doing both would be better, but, as with any young social movement, mobilization resources are extremely limited and most be directed first where they will be most effective." Had those 90,000 votes been 90,000 tweets, we'd have seen those features a heck of a lot sooner than 2.5 years after Windows Phone launched.
  • If you'd bother to look at the comments you'd see how many of them are from 2014/2013, bringing the same example in again 65 pages worth of comments, that excludes votes without comment. Resources are limited? In addtion to you saying tweet here and tweet there you can't say upvote this? How many twitter accounts are listed in that thread of yours? Also about effectivity, the uservoice suggestions are getting implemented and there is a counter, there is no information to support your numbers or that your movement is causing positive change
  • All right, dude, you convinced me to adopt a two-pronged approach to #SaveXboxWP. 1. Twitter, 2. Uservoice. Lucky for me, I didn't have to do much work as our very own Paul Acevedo has already made a Uservoice suggestion about adding in more Xbox games to Windows Phone, and it already has 5400 votes. This is what you wanted to please go to this link and cast your votes in support! In response to your other claims: the number of tweets, the number of tweeters, and the fact that Ubisoft, Microsoft Studios, and EA games have all acknowledged #SaveXboxWP tweets is the "numbers" in support that I think you're looking for. Anyway, let's get that Uservoice suggestion from 5,400 to 540,000!
  • It is basically impossible for independent developers to get Xbox verification due to Microsoft's rules. Why punish them for something they cannot control?
  • Elop will be now in charge of Xbox. Will he make that xbox certification process for wp easier?
  • I dunno, probably a question for Elop and not jeffro02?
  •  That comment just earnd you an acheivement.
  • We are working hard to make it possible for indie developers to publish Xbox games on Windows Phone via the #SaveXboxWP movement by cajoling Microsoft to extend the ID(at)Xbox program to WP8 and Windows 8. Check here for details on how you can help out if you care about indie developers.
  • It really isn't up to the developer. You will miss out on a lot of awesome games if you only download XBL titles.
  • Sigh the same rhetorical bs...
  • Yeah, we don't care about WP features, lets all switch to android instead. /s
  • Why not. We should
  • Its saddening seeing people act like this... It most likely wasn't gonna get XBEnabled anyways.. The games a year old.
  • I play for fun and I don t care about Xbox achievements. If a game is great like this one, I buy it. What s the problem?
  • Dude, your statement is getting old.....We know already!
  • Sign. Windows Phone have Xbox live since the Beginning and there are still so many Games that don’t care... I hate this.
  • I would offer 99¢
    I'll throw an extra dollar (maybe even two) if you throw in achievements. :-)
  • No achievements, no buy. Wake up Microsoft.
  • It's not Microsoft, it's the developer. Let them know that you care about achievements. 
  • It actually is Microsoft, because it's a pain in the ass to add XBL into your game. While for IOS, it's easy to add game center.
  • It is actually Microsoft. Developers cannot "choose" to have XBL achievements.
  • Well, can't let any stupid game have achievements now, can they? There has to be an XBL verification procedure for games but it should not be easy to acquire it.
  • Quite the opposite. As long as the game is stable, is supported with updates there is no reason why all games shouldn't have Xbox live. Its up to Microsoft to make the process easier so any dev can add achievements and live functionality. Without them we are just playing android/ios castoffs. No thanks to that, Xbox or nothing!
  • It's working well for all the android users without xbl. Look at market share. But since its Microsoft everything has to be xbl
  • They never had it in the first place so why would it matter to them? And its not about "since its Microsoft", its a marquee feature that was promoted heavily when WP launched and now due to Microsoft's neglect has fallen by the wayside. The lack of Xbox live gaming shows how Microsoft continues to fail to fully support WP and see it as an afterthought.
  • Hi. Since the last update I was not able to download VALA from the brazilian WP Store. I always get a error in the middle of the instalation. :S
  • Have you tried restarting your phone? I had a similar situation with subway surfers and a restart fixed it.
  • I'm so sorry about the problem - it isn't just you. There seems to have been a glitch in the store process which has broken the game even though it passed testing just fine. It should be fixed within a day or two. Do not uninstall it to try reinstall - you will lose your scores and it won't work.
    Sorry about this.
  • Who gives a fuck? Do you think all the emerging market customers have Xboxes? You're a minority. You want to get your little points with your buddies stay at home playing on your console in your pants. Support the platform by supporting devs.
  • Well, this escalated quickly!
  • Agreed. Shut the fuck up about the achievements already.
  • Nobody cares that you care about a fictional number score for your e peen to grow.
  • Played this a bunch on iPad. Way more entertaining than I thought it would be. 
  • Agreed. It's a little tough, though. Have you finished all the levels?
  • woo hoo! now i things?
  • construct bridges
  • Yeah finally this impossible game to beat arrives on wp! Love this
  • Off topic but MS should make a video search engine competing u tube. If they can make great features available then it can stand head to head against u tube in the coming 3-4 years.
  • Meh, left overs.
  • Ha, cute dog! lol This game looks cool...I'll have to check it out.
  • People that won't play a game because there are no achievements are so god damn idiotic. Get the hell over yourselves.
  • If you dont understand why Xbox live and achievements enhance the enjoyment of a game you really should not tell anyone to "get over" anything.
  • It's a mobile game. Where you construct bridges. I can understand the appeal of achievements on console games, but I honestly don't see why you wouldn't want to download a mobile game because its lacking achievements.
  • Why is there a difference in achievements on a console and a phone? Arent they both games? Isnt the sense of accomplishment the same, just the difficulty tailored for the specific platform? I dont see how one can make a distinction between the two platforms in this way.
  • I understand wanting to have the achievements, but refusing to play a game solely because they're not there is a little extreme, no?
  • Some of the reactions here are what I would class as extreme, I am just exercising an option not to buy, not telling anyone else to follow me, just my own position. Nothing extreme in that.
  • Well, that's your right as a consumer. Personally, I don't get it, but to each his/her own. I think we can ALL agree that the current Xbox Live certification system is a clusterf***, and I really hope that MS cleans that up for 8.1. There's clearly a demand for Xbox Live functionality, so hopefully MS will follow through...
  • Exactly! 
  • You're judgmental and self-centered. Get over yourself. Different strokes for different folks. Just because someone else cares about Xbox achievements and you don't doesn't somehow magically make them idiotic and you not.
  • But when actions of those who want xbox achievements affects the future likelihood of others getting great games like this then there is reason to get angry. Microsoft don't care if you don't buy this game, they really don't. Only the developer does. Developers are already fighting for Xbox Live to be easier and it all fell on deaf ears. So tell me, imagine you're an indie game developer, Microsoft has restricted your ability to add Xbox Live features to your game because you don't have a major publisher, you see comments about people not buying games that don't have said features so what would you do? Would you actually fight for the possibility of maybe getting a slice of that 4% of the market share (who are going to bitch and moan if the cost of the game is more than 99 cents anyway), or are you just going to say "fuck it" and develop apps for the 90% of market share that aren't being pretentious arse hats. I simply cannot fathom how your mind thinks you are going about this the right way, I just can't comprehend it. In the months of this crusade games with xbox live haven't increased, they have all but dried up, hell games in general are becoming fewer. So your methods aren't working maybe it's actually worth trying something new.
  • *Stands up...Claps
  • You're wrong: their actions don't affect the "future likelihood of others getting great games." First, what constitutes a 'great' game is entirely subjective. Second, how exactly is their decision to not buy a game they have no interest in affecting your future likelihood of getting more 'great' gamees? They have no obligation to purchase anything that they don't want to purchase. If you want them to buy stuff they dont' want, send them a check. Microsoft cares if you buy the game: they get a 30% cut of the action. The #SaveXboxWP movement is fighting on behalf of indie developers to cajole Microsoft into relaxing the Xbox certification program for indie developers by extending the ID(at)Xbox program to WP. If I were a developer and I already made the decision to make a Windows Phone game, I would make the game Xbox enabled, if the option is available for me to do so, because I know it will get higher sales. You can't fathom what exactly? How someone doesn't have the same interest in games as you? It's not that hard to fathom. We have a lot of expressions to capture this idea: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", "Whatever floats your boat", "Different strokes for different folks", "To each his own", and so forth. Just because you don't care if a game has Xbox achievements doesn't mean other people have the same sentiment as you. You are making the mistake of assuming that people on here saying "No Xbox, No Buy" are choosing not to buy a game they really want to buy. That's not what's going on here: they're choosing not to buy a game that they don't want to buy. Xbox achievements is a necessary feature for them. If this game had Xbox achievmeents, then they'd be interested in it because it has Xbox achievements. Does that make sense?
  • Well said.
  • No it doesn't make sense, what you are saying is that the only factor that apparently affects their purchasing decision is whether or not a game has achievements, not the actual game itself, because if that were the case they would at least try it to see if they like the game. However apparently gameplay means absolutely nothing. what perplexes me also is there are hundreds of games out there that don't have xbox features that still include their own set of achievements, global leaderboards, social interaction. The only thing achievements do above and beyond other games I play is add to my gamerscore that is the ONLY difference. You would know this if you actually played any games that weren't xbox enabled. as to how it affects me, like I said, why are developers going to care about the extra 4% of sales when people are being so demanding in what they want, it's going to be put into the too hard pile and then ignored. As an aside I am not saying that you shouldn't fight for xbox live enabled, quite the contrary, I simply think that the blanket "boycott" only hinders progress rather than helps but what do I know.
  • No, what I'm saying is that Xbox integration is a necessary condition for them to purchase, not the only condition. If a game doesnt' have Xbox integration, then they aren't interested in because they already know it doesn't have the features they want. If it does have Xbox integration, then they can move onto examining subsequent conditions that affect their purchasing decisions (such as the genre of the game, the quality of the gameplay, etc.). The games out there that include their own achievements are not as enticing as Xbox achievements because they're isolated. Xbox achievements are cumulative, carrying over across games and across platforms (Windows Phone, Windows 8, Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc.), allowing you to compare scores with millions of other gamers, including your saved friends lists, etc. The gamerscore in particular is the epitome of this: it's a total score across all games. It's fun for a lot of people to compete with each other in this sense. The non-Xbox achievements you mentioned don't offer this. (By the way, I've been gaming for decades; I have plenty of experience playing games that never had Xbox achievements. My experience since Achievements became a thing is that they make gaming more fun, and more social, and I don't have interest playing non-Xbox games anymore because of that. What's wrong with that? Nothing). Your "as to how it affects me" paragraph doesn't make sense to me. If developers don't care about the extra sales and therefore choose to eschew those features, and you don't care about those features, then how exactly are you affected? Again, stop using the word boycott. No one is boycotting anything here. Boycotting presume that people are refusing to use or buy something they would otherwise use or buy. That's not what's going on here. People are simply expressing that they are not interested in buying something because it doesn't have the features they want. That's not a boycott; that's a consumer choice.
  • "If I were a developer and I already made the decision to make a Windows Phone game, I would make the game Xbox enabled"   Yeah well you make it sound very easy, let's give it a shot please.
  • Apologies for the name calling, just woke up and I hadn't had my caffeine fix. Rest of my post still stands.
  • Sadly, not available here in Brazil. :(
  • Well i don't really care achievements,i play games to entertain myself no just struggle to earn achievements ;)
    I'm glad to see more physics games to Windows Phone,i love them.
    I tried the Trial and the game is really good,i might get the full version... ;)
  • Can we stop with the "It's been out on IOS and Android for x amount of time" titles, I get it it takes longer to arrive for us, I just think it helps feed negative comments and we need a positive community. I for one am stoked this game is here. Downloading now.
  • Well said... Saying the duration of release that to on wpcentral forum, pathetic..nobody cares
  • Agreed. Let's stay positive folks!
  • I think it's important to know how long it takes for games to get ported over. A lot of people on here who are anti-Xbox Live on WP argue that eschewing Xbox Live will result in games coming faster to WP. This appears not to be the case, though. Hence, this game took over a year. Other games are also delayed by months from their iOS and Android launches even though they lack Xbox integration. Meanwhile, companies like EA can launch Tetris Blitz nearly simultaneously on all three platforms and still include Xbox integration on the WP version. So, it's important to monitor these things.
  • At least they can bring it with multiplayer or local wlan multiplayer...still they price it where other platforms its free...
  • Less handsets with the OS means less opportunity for ad revenue so they need to sell to actually make any money.
  • People aren't anti xbox live, they just like playing games. It isn't a war, there aren't sides.
  • People on WPcentral who can't step outside of their own worlds often criticize people on WPcentral who care about Xbox achievements, telling them that they're "idiotic" or "stupid" for not playing games that lack Xbox achievements. If these people only care about "playing games", then they should go play games and stop judging other people for not playing the same games they like. They're making it into a war by narcissistically chiding Xbox gamers for not having different likes. It's quite bizarre, actually.
  • Got this on my android tablet, game is ok..
  • I guess I'll never understand why achievements are soooo important to gamers. Who gives a flying f*@k if it has achievements.  Just play the game and enjoy!
  • This thread explains why Xbox acheivements are important to some gamers.
  • TLDR, can you give me a cliff notes version?
  • Xbox integration makes games more social (friends lists, shared leaderboards, global leaderboards, compare games, compare achievements, send messages, etc.), gives them more replay value (as you replay the game in different ways to unlock achievements), are cumulative across a smorgasbord of devices (WP7, WP8, Windows 8, Windows RT, Games for Windows Live, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc.), and are exlcusive (they are a distinguishing feature that the same games on other platforms don't have.
  • So i guess you dont care for achievements then, right?
  • Xbox live tag to games attract buyers, n they happily pay for those games which they could get it easily on other platform, being a fan of wp, i regret to say that good games without xbl tag and still not free, will discourage buyers. That's the reason y my friends have android n ios phones
  • That Mark Guim - His video/demos are so stylish - the intro's, background settings (was that Nutella?), etc.!    I really wish he would do more of them.   Mark Guim is a great addition to the WPCentral team.
  • Thanks for the kind words. And yes, that was Nutella! =)
  • Awesome!
  • Game locked up my 928 two times now.
  • I want this big bottle of Nutella and Lumia Icon in the video :-) and you can keep the game 
  • I want Xbox Live, I'll even join that #SaveXboxWP thingy...but I cannot not download a game I'm interested in, Live enabled or no.
  • not intrested wake me up when we get clash of clans.
  • We have total conquest,kingdom and lords why u need clash of clansh?
  • i doubt u have played any of them if u did u would know the big diffrence between them and beside i have investet in Clash of clans having 4 builders.
  • By now, we should expect most apps 6mos to 1yr after Android & iOS
  • .........Microsoft have already said that they are making verification processes easier.....calm down guys
  • This game is awesome because it turns my L920 into a hot plate so I can build bridges and heat up dinner at the same time.
  • Seriously, do you all achievement people fap when you get a achievement? Haha it's not so big deal, is it?
  • Already? Wow that was quick
  • I can understand the desire to have it XBL certified for the achievements. I want them too.  But can you just be happy that another developer has brought another game/app to the platform?!?!  NOT supporting them doesn't entice other developers to get onboard.
  • I don't know, man. Should we really be happy that we're getting a boring (read: no extra features) port of an iOS and Android game that's a year old? I'm not excited about sloppy seconds and hand-me-downs. If the game had Xbox achievements, on the other hand, then at least it would be an improved, exclusive version of the game.
  • Pretty sure your epenis will grow if a game is xbox compatible. Why did you all download this app? ( wpcentral ) its not xbox live. Idiots.
  • "No XBL, No buy." Why don't you just create your own games then?!
  • Very hard Game. Bought it
  • Good dog Mark 
  • The developers don't sleep to develop games. There eyes full of eye bugs....
  • Never heard of the game but I just bought it. Pretty hard but very addicting. Highly recommend!
  • The f uk is this crap?
  • Bring this game to the surface!