Buy a Lumia 530 on September 25 and get one free in the UAE

Nokia UAE (United Arab Emirates) has announced a new promotion for the Lumia 530 Windows Phone. This offer will see consumers able to purchase the Lumia 530 and get a second unit absolutely free on one day only – September 25.

At 5:30pm on the 25th, the Windows Phone is going for the usual price of 410 AED ($110), but since consumers will pick two up for the price of one, the offer makes each Lumia 530 worth around $50, which isn't a bad deal. Select stores will be participating in the deal:

  • Carrefour - Deira City Center
  • Emax - Mall of the Emirates
  • Jumbo House - Bur Dubai
  • Lulu Hypermarket - Madinat Zayed Mall
  • Nokia Store - The Dubai Mall
  • PLUG-INS - Al Ghurair Center
  • Sharaf DG - Deira City Center
  • Virgin Mega Store - Mall of the Emirates
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Microsoft is urging those who are interested in the deal to "retweet in order to make this surprise happen". We must say, it's a neat surprise indeed. Let us know if you'll be heading down to one of the listed stores.

Source: Twitter (Nokia UAE), via: My Nokia Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Nice deal
  • Nice deal, but for me the emirates aren't close... Too bad its unable to ship or to other countries/lands
  • Great offers as Gitex begins! Can't wait to see other surprises.
  • Surprise....Tadaaaah...
  • Nice offer wish we had such offers or anything near it in Jordan Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Amazing offer
  • When is the flight for Dubai???
  • Unfair
  • Only Dubai not Abudhabi..
  • Check again. Madynat Zaed
  • told my cousin in dxb to buy it for me and sell the other phone in the market so i get it for free :)))
  • Selected*
  • Wow
  • I wish that there is free flights from Bahrain to UAE to get it
  • 520 is better design
  • If such an offer comes to India, MS might just have to close down business.
  • LOL But that would also add a lot of new customers to the list of MS. But I'm sure if they keep 1000 phones all of it would be sold in a day. Even there are people in India who are liking new WPs and planning to buy them. So offers like this may not be necessary for India but of that happens I would run to grab it before others.
  • Microsoft u will get market share in 2 days if u do this in India.
  • Agreed
  • My father's budget for a phone was around 400 AED so I was planning to get him one. Now I can get him two.
  • We had the the similar offer in Singapore last week, I got a green & a orange L530 for SGD 159.
  • And it will come to Philippines too :) buy one take one is a steal! Their facebook page teases Lumia 530 already. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • This offer could've come to India too. I mean I just bought a 530 and I could do with one more :)
  • Is it come to india...?
  • Off to dubai ;-) :-D
  • I just spread the Lumia love ❤!! :)
  • Singapore had this last Monday. Order online at SGD159 and get one free, free delivery to your home. I bought a green and orange. This week:
  • I want one only, who will share with me?
  • What if they had such kind of deal in India! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I live in Dubai, it's a good deal but not for me, too bad it isn't on another phone or I'd go for it!
  • Wtf??? Is it a chocolate or something!
  • IPhone 6 and 6+ sold 10 million in first day, worldwide!!! You know how much each cost? People will sell their kidneys for the iPhone. For us WP users, we're just this small 3% minority praising anything for the cause. That just saddens me. MS needs higher standard phone devices, just like how they did with the surface. They need something to excite the crowd, the world, Something to make a name, something recognizable within all communities. Just throwing tons of different devices in all kinds of markets is not cutting it. HTC failed miserably doing this strategy of flooding the market with devices to the point where people just don't care. I've been a wp supporter since the early days. I'm getting close to throwing in the towel. The iPhone appears to have many features I've been looking for within a phone. Guys, I think I'm gonna get the 6+.
  • oh I do wish you depressing, self-important fools would stop coming here moaning about how you're going to switch to an iPhone. If you're going to switch, THEN JUST SWITCH.  JUST DO IT.  Don't think you're so special that we all need to hear about it.  Just don't come crying back to us when you realise the grass isn't always greener, yes?
  • I have an open line reserved for the iPhone 6+.
  • make in india. I am going to purchase two mobile so I could get 4 mobiles... For my whole family... nice promotion, Why not in india?
  • Great!!!
  • I wouldn't swap my 920 for this, but I'm glad you see many users who whine about too much focus on US markets getting some love from Microsoft. I suspect we'll never see BOGO deals here. Agreements with carriers most likely prohibit it -- they couldn't subsidize free with a 2-years contract. We need an i6 competitor, a flagship market killer.
  • Lol ....I bought 1-for-1 NL530 similar deal.. Will gift to parents.. Force them to use the real smart phone.. ;)