Buy an Xbox One console bundle and get an additional free game from Nov. 6-8

Microsoft already has a lot of holiday Xbox One console bundles that have at least one, and sometimes more, free games included. Now the company has announced that from Friday, November 6 to Sunday, November 8, people who buy any Xbox One bundle at participating retailers will be able to get an additional game of their choice for free that has a value of up to $59.99.

Microsoft is likely running this special offer due to the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops III on November 6. This is the first game in the popular first-person shooter series that will not release its post-launch DLC packs first on the Xbox platform, and Microsoft may be trying to keep fans of the series from defecting to Sony's PlayStation 4 platform.

In addition to this weekend's special promotion, Microsoft points out that other retailers have their own deals for the Xbox One:


  • November 2-5: Get a free controller when you buy a new Xbox One.
  • November 6-8: Buy any new Xbox One bundle. Get an additional game and a wireless controller free.
  • Now – November 21: Get a $100 credit toward a new Xbox One when you trade in your PS3 (120GB+) or Xbox 360 (250GB+).

Best Buy

  • November 1-5: Get a $50 Best Buy gift card when you buy a new Xbox One.
  • November 6-7: Buy any new Xbox One bundle. Get an additional game and a $50 Best Buy gift card free.
  • November 8: Buy any new Xbox One bundle. Get an additional game free.


  • November 2-5: Get Mad Max for free when you buy Xbox One.
  • November 6-8: Buy any new Xbox One bundle. Get Mad Max for free.


  • November 1-5: Get a $50 Target gift card when you buy Xbox One.
  • November 6-7: Buy any new Xbox One bundle. Get an additional game and a $50 Target gift card free. (Online only)
  • November 8: Buy any new Xbox One bundle. Get an additional game free. (Online only)

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Source: Major Nelson

John Callaham
  • This include every elite bundle?
    Edit: I ask because that just seems like it would be an exception.
  • It is included, but exclusive to GameStop.
  • According to you get also free game until Nov 8th. However it's out of stock. Weird enough it says also 'get 3 free games'. But I see not details what that means. Maybe it's just via Games with Gold.
  • Assassins creed unity, project spark and a game of your choice at physical Microsoft stores and
  • Except Spark is now 100% free to everyone, so you're just getting a free coaster and a spare game case, in case one of yours cracks.
  • US only or eb not included. Asking as I just picked up an elite
  • Didn't think about it till now but eb seems to be anti-msft in Canada lately rarely do I see a hardware deal like this
  • Carefull, people might take advantage and "abuse" the offer and get it taken away from you
  • I'm starting to think, this is the new "Coming soon" and "Seems faster".
  • LOL sorry. I'm having fun with this one today. 
  • As you should be. Microsoft is taking a piss on everyone because a small handful of assholes abused a system *Microsoft * set up as an obvious abuse target. They should have simply said 1TB per user for office 365, have the guilty parties notice to clear out their shit, and left everything else alone.
  • Haha nice. If only news outlets pressed in this way
  • Also, you can get $250 in credit from GS with a 500-GB Xbox One trade. The credit can be used for eBay gift cards, which can be used to buy Best Buy gift cards, if you want to upgrade consoles and get the $50 gift card and free game at Best Buy.
  • Or just buy a 2-4TB external drive for less than $100 and don't bother pissing around with trades and gift cards :) Sure you're prob $50 better off your way, but it sounds like a lot of agro for an extra game's worth.
  • LOL if you think you will get a decent drive of that size for that price. 2 TB will be probably $100+. 4 TB will probably be, like, $175. I'll take the new, painted console, multiple games, and gift card.
  • Western Digital Elements Portable Drive: 1TB $58, 2TB $79. WD Elements (non-portable) 2TB $80, 4TB $126. All prices from Amazon. I have a portable 2TB on my Xbox 360 and it works like a charm. Personally, if it takes me more than an hour or so to do the trade, sort out the cards, and get a new replacement, then it's not worth my time as I would earn far more doing my freelance programming work than the $50 or so saved in the process. But hey, to each their own!
  • Going rate from them in Canada is $190.00
  • So does that mean on the 6th and 7th at Gamestop you get two games and a free controller?
  • From what I read, the "bundles" come with a game and then they are letting you get another one (2nd), plus the free wireless controller.  Sounds pretty good I think.
  • Right, but above it says buy a bundle, and get and additional game and wireless controller. Then if the above story is accurate, i would be able to get another game?
  • Will they come to your house next year to get the free game back?
  • Lol why all of u people are mad because of what happened! Just accept what Microsoft does!
  • Lol only if obtained with games with gold promo
  • What about Walmart? Or do they only sell enema cleaners now?
  • Hmm.. I wanna see a slim xbone console smaller body more power under the hood.. And Cheaper!
  • Not gonna happen its not the way AMD CPUs work
  • I just bought mine 2 days ago from best buy! Im taking it back and getiing the deal on the 6th! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android