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Best answer: Yes, you can replace the battery inside the Dell XPS 15 (9500). All that's required is the removal of a few screws, a cable, and a single panel.

Replacing the Dell XPS 15 battery

Dell has made it so the XPS 15 is serviceable to replace a few of the major parts, be it the RAM or battery, and the latest 9500 model is no exception. It's absolutely possible to unscrew the bottom panel of the laptop and access the inner workings of the XPS 15.

All that's required to do so is to unscrew all the screws around the panel to make it possible to extract. After that, you can clearly glance at all the internal components, and it's difficult not to spot the battery, being the single largest mass. A few screws hold it in place, and it's attached to the main motherboard via a cable.

Removing all these allows one to extract the battery itself. If you bought the 57Whr model and wish to upgrade the inner power plant to the larger capacity battery, this is the way to go about it. The same goes for those rare times when the battery degrades over time, and it's simply not providing enough juice to be online for any more than an hour or two.

This same process can be carried out on older models of the XPS 15.

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