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Best answer: The NZXT H1 uses a standard 140 mm AIO water-cooling solution, which can be replaced by an aftermarket kit, so long as the tubing will be fine in the cramped space. It's not recommended to do so, however, unless you know everything will fit.

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Fit an appropriate AIO or low-profile air cooler

The NZXT H1 comes equipped with a 140 mm AIO water cooler that will be able to handle even the high-end desktop-class processors, including the Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen 9 series. Should you want to replace it with an aftermarket solution, it's better to go with another AIO, though a low-profile air blower will work too.

When looking for a replacement AIO, it's important to consider the tubing. The H1 is a super-compact chassis and there's not a whole lot of clearance between the CPU and the case panel. The AIO included with the H1 is designed around this problem by using 90-degree rotating fittings on the radiator as well as the cooling block. Most AIOs do not have 90-degree rotators on the radiator.

It's worse for low-profile coolers. You'll want a decent enough blower, but you're restricted to around 65 mm of clearance if using a case fan in place of the AIO radiator. Our advice? Use the included AIO or if it ceases to work and is out of warranty, purchase a replacement from NZXT.

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The NZXT H1 comes equipped with a premium 140mm AIO cooler. While you could swap out the fan for something a little quieter, it's not recommended to replace it with an aftermarket solution unless you know for certain it'll fit without issue.

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