Can you use a Disney Plus subscription card if you already have an account?

Disney Plus Subscription card
Disney Plus Subscription card (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Windows Central)

Disney Plus Subscription card

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Can you use a Disney Plus subscription card if you already have an account?

Best answer: Unfortunately, no. Disney+ subscription cards can only be redeemed by new subscribers, and it provides cardholders with 12 months of the streaming service. The subscription cards do not function as a gift card, but you can gift them to new subscribers.12 months of magic: Disney+ ($7/month at Disney+)

New subscribers only

Disney+ is all the magic of the Happiest Place on Earth right on your screen, and now it's easier to gift that subscription to your favorite Mouse-house enthusiast. You can now purchase 12-month subscription cards and share the wonderful world of Disney — but don't just go buy a bunch of cards without reading the fine print.

While these cards can be great gifts, they can only be redeemed by new subscribers. Unfortunately, that means if you already have an account, you cannot use a subscription card. Not only does this apply to those who actually own the service, but anyone who signed up for the seven-day free trial is also out of luck. Before you start clearing off the kiosk with subscription cards for your friends and family, it's best to check to see if they have it first.

I already bought one. Now what?

Don't worry; you can still find a way to use your subscription card, but it takes a few steps. If you already have Disney+, you can wait until your monthly (or yearly) bill cycle is up and cancel your service. From there, you can create a new account using the 12-month subscription card.

If you already have the D23 three-year package...well, you will be waiting for some time. You can always share the magic with someone else.

Sadly, there is no digital gift card for Disney+ just yet. If you do want to pick up a subscription card, you can grab them at local Disney Stores, Disney World stores, or Disneyland stores. Before you give the gift of Disney+, however, make sure your friend or family member can use it.

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