CBS All Access is now on the Xbox One and Xbox 360

For those who like to get their fill of CBS in the United States, you'll be excited to hear that the channel has officially launched their universal app for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. CBS already has their Windows 10 app for PC, one for Mobile and now the experience is complete with Microsoft's gaming consoles (and yes, you can even run it on HoloLens too).

The CBS app, which is technically CBS All Access, gives consumers access to the live CBS broadcast as well as access to the entire library of the massive channel. CBS runs such hit shows as The Big Bang Theory, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, NCIS, 2 Broke Girls, Big Brother, and more.

CBS All Access does cost $5.99 a month though some rumors suggest that CBS may let you tie it into your cable subscription like how FOX and other channels operate. "Star Trek: Discovery" will also premier exclusively on CBS All Access in early 2017 making it a must-have for Trek fans (those outside the US can watch it on Netflix). The bad news is even while paying you may see the occasional 15-second ad although it is nothing like broadcast TV at the moment.

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Overall, the app looks gorgeous and is very fast and fluid. This is the initial release, and I have heard more updates are on the way to improve things even further.

Watch my hands-on video tour above of CBS for the Xbox One and let me know what you think in comments!

Download CBS from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


Daniel Rubino

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  • Keep in mind that shows watched through All Access still have commercials... Although CBS customer support has indicated they are working on a commercial free premium service, similar (I assume) to Hulu plus.
  • Ads were mentioned in the article itself..
    But it's very nice to see such a big media company going all the w10 way. HoloLens support _b
  • The CBSN W10m app is very nice as well...
  • Are there free shows like the CBS mobile app? I used that app projected to my Xbox for Elementary and Supergirl last season.
  • Eh, not about to pay for another streaming service.
  • true, but if you cut cable this is a nice way back in if you're a big watcher of CBS content.
  • Been a cord cutter going on 2 years now. This app is essential & the only way to get current cbs shows online... Price per value is excellent. As for commercials, you're looking at 10-15% TOTAL of regular broadcasts... That's less than 1 normal commercial break spread out across an entire show.
  • Cool!
  • I will pay for this just for Star Trek
  • I think I might have to do that too, but I don't like it. I live in a remote area with limited broadband access. That's why I pay for satellite TV. If the new Star Trek isn't great, I'd have to drop the channel. But can't miss a chance at another great Star Trek (or Stargate for that matter)!
  • I already pay $200/month for Uverse tv/phone/Internet (which supposedly includes CBS). No way in hell am I forking over more money for this. I would love to see the new Trek, but they can just forget it.
  • Don't get why they can't just do Hulu like others. I'd just as soon not watch anything on CBS.
  • I'd consider paying a small fee to add it to Hulu, but come on, $5.99 for one broadcast netowrk is way too much. The other networks play nice with Hulu, why can't CBS?
  • if only the app was stable and didn't crash almost every time I used it on my PC, ROKU and Amazon Fire TV
  • not complete seasons of all shows
  • I'm glad the CBS all access app is on the Xbox One finally. 3 months (July, August, September) out of the year I pay for All-Access to watch Big Brother live feeds.
  • You can watch all the CBS programming for free over the air.
  • How do I watch the back catalog? ELI5.
  • You can get most on Hulu or Netflix. OTA tv, Hulu & Netflix is more than enough for me but I know some people live in front of their tv and the more content the better.
  • The thing that kills me about this CBS All Access ripoff is that they not only charge you a monthly fee for having access to content that's already free OTA (over the air), but on top of that they add commercials!! Then go and make the new Star Trek show available ONLY on this paid service in the USA, while it's on Netflix in the rest of world with no additional fees, basically forcing you into paying for yet another service for the luxury of watching this new show while everyone else gets it thru Netflix
  • cuz things cost money to make
  • I'll subscribe the day Star Trek Discovery is out....
  • Big brother live feeds cannot find it on 360 , no live feed? I do have and pay for all access. Can anyone shed light on why I don't see live feeds.