Celebrate the launch of The Last Jedi with Star Wars movies on the Microsoft Store!

Two years after Episode 7, The Force Awakens, Disney has launched the next installment in one of the most loved movie franchises there has ever been. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is hitting screens across the globe, so what better time to hit the Microsoft Store and binge your way through the existing titles.

Every Star Wars movie to date is available for purchase in SD or HD, and some, like the original trilogy, even have discounts to celebrate Star Wars Day. Episodes 1-6 (opens in new tab) are available in a bundle for $74.99, and most recent release, Rogue One (opens in new tab), is there with a tasty bundle of bonus content for $20.

Now, to convince the boss that finishing work early to watch Star Wars is a good idea...

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Richard Devine
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  • Happy StarWars day
  • May the fourth be with you!
  • What do Jedi use to view PDF files?
    Adobe Wan Kenobi How do Ewoks communicate over long distances?
    With Ewokie Talkies
  • Nice. :-)
  • Well, there are 2 and a half good Star Wars movies anyway.  But, I haven't seen Rogue One.
  • Rogue One is one of the best SW movies, probably right behind Episode 5 and 6.
  • Question. If you don't have an Xbox but wsnt to watch on a Roku in HD.. Does Disney allow you to watch with a different application/ or provider with proof of purchase (Since MS doesn't have an Xbox or video app on roku). I remember few years ago Disney had a program like this.
  • I think you can download the movie if you have a win 10 pc and play it through dlna. You can also grab it via movies and tv on your phone and cast it is your Roku has miracast support.
  • VUDU had the original 6 for $80. The real question is will they ever have the original 3 before Lucas felt the need to "make them better" in digital form. I've seen dvd sets that included the original cuts. My feeling is unfortunately no. But I have new hope that the fans might strike back and the orignals might return for the true jedi fans.
  • The Special Editions from the mid 90's are the best version imo. The only format I've ever seen those on is VHS. I still have the trilogy set I bought from Toys R Us. No blinks or rocks to be had.
  • Snape kills dumbledore!
  • If I buy the movies at Vudu, Amazon, iTunes or Google, they are shared amongst all of those services on any device they support including my Windows phone and pcs, because I have linked my accounts with those services at Movies Anywhere. If I buy them at Microsoft, they are stuck there, because Microsoft is not a MA retailer.
  • Saw the new movie on Wednesday. Huge let down.
  • Really? You seem to be in the minority my friend.
  • I thought it stunk too, only moderately better than Episode 7 which was pretty bad.
  • My Xbox is showing Pre-Order on the new Starwars, how long till its available?