Check out Microsoft's new videos for Edge, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Editor

Microsoft 365 Video
Microsoft 365 Video

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 today.
  • Microsoft also announced Microsoft Editor and improvements to several Microsoft services.
  • Microsoft released three new sizzler videos to show off its products.

Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 today, a subscription that brings together multiple Microsoft services. The company also announced Microsoft Editor and improvements to some Microsoft services. Microsoft is highlighting how its products help people be more productive and how being more productive allows you to spend more time doing the things you love. Three new sizzler videos from Microsoft show off Microsoft 365, Microsoft Editor, and Microsoft Edge.

The Microsoft Editor video shows the editor working across the web. A little blue ball bounces along, selecting the correct spelling or words, and suggesting ways to improve writing. Microsoft Editor should be available as an extension within a few weeks.

The Microsoft Edge video focuses on how the browser is fast, accessible, and safe. By bringing together features focused on speed, ease of navigation, privacy, and safety, Microsoft Edge lets you focus on being productive, according to the video. Towards the end of the video, it states, "You might not think about your browser, but we do."

You can read more about Microsoft 365 here.

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  • Wheres the actual product? Video tells me nothing. Just a bunch of marketing fluff.
  • its a case of email received, email forward. There a lot of that going on
  • What kind of phone was she using?
  • This is interesting. Due to the the lock down at the moment, friends and family are asking me about software to use, like Office and stuff.
    Some of them are asking if it's OK to use older versions of Office, like 2003 and 2016, if they'll be able to transfer them to other people still. They don't want to buy a subscription if they already have the software, and are willing to try and use Libre Office instead. After talking to them about it, their main concern was editing files as a one off months down the line when they've not got a subscription anymore.
    So, it makes me wonder how hard Microsoft are going to be pushing Software As A Service, and if there are plans to support people who just want something, as regular software product or are they willing to drop those as users and hope business and schools who have o365 as standard will lock them into that as a service?
  • The way to think about it is your are paying for backup, 1TB storage in the cloud for your pictures, music, videos, whatever... and you just happen to get the latest Office bundled with it at all times. If you get the family version you can install it for 5 people, each person gets 1TB storage, Office and access other apps. My husband and I use it so it works out to £40 each a year for always the latest Office and automatic back up to OneDrive - which I also use on my Samsung S10+ to backup pics I take with that. You might not use all the features of Office but even the basics are head and shoulders above the likes of Libre Office. Depending on the age of the person and how tech savvy they are learning a completely different set of Office apps won't be as easy as you/they think. MS are and have been pushing this hard for at least 5 years, it's not going away. You can still buy perpetual licenses (i.e. pay once) for Office but the cost is equivalent to something like 2 or 3 years of Microsoft 365 and you are stuck with the version you bought. Office 365 is effectively like Windows 10 now, you get incremental updates over time not just a big bang every few years. If you have enough family members that are interested you just split the cost - £79.99 between 5 of you per year. That's £15 a year for 1TB cloud backup and the latest office at all times, that is absolutely nothing and worth it even if you only use the OneDrive.
  • Editor seems like a great idea. Looking forward to trying it out.