Check out this Xbox Elite Wireless Controller concept based on Ford GT

The recent release of Microsoft's racing sim game Forza Motorsport 6 for the Xbox One included a virtual version of the new Ford GT super sporscar. Now the car maker has created a concept for Microsoft's recently released Xbox Elite Wireless Controller that's based on the Ford GT.

Here's a look at the features of this concept design:

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a one-off design exercise from the Xbox Hardware team inspired by the Ford GT and the release of Forza Motorsport 6 which features the Ford GT on the cover.
  • Carbon Fiber case parts create rigidity and lightness in the controller, the same way it is used on the GT chassis.
  • Custom metallic paint job matched to Ford's specifications.
  • Left thumbstick shape inspired by the GT steering wheel and angled towards the player for a more ergonomic experience. A horizontal movement limiter also ensures efficiency and accuracy in steering.
  • Custom paddles inspired by the steering column paddles shifters on the GT. Program them on your Xbox One to shift up, down and even to engage the clutch.
  • See through battery door and custom battery pack inspired by the engine compartment and EcoBoost V6 engine.
  • Cutaway brake and accelerator triggers reveal the impulse motors that give Forza Motorsport 6 its realistic feel.

Since this is a concept, there's no word if this version of the controller will ever go on sale

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Source: Ford

John Callaham
  • Omg that controller a beast I want one or two
  • SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY... No SRLY, Take my Money !!!
  • Take his money and give that Controller to me :P
  • I really don't understand why people getting so excited about a (almost the same) controller.
  • Some people have hobbies. I know it's difficult to understand, but some people do actually get excited about their hobby sometimes.
  • Thanx, now I understand.
  • Why do some people get excited about cars? They're all basically the same with 4 wheels and an engine, right? :P
  • This controller is anything but "almost the same".
  • Probably would cost as much as the console ... but oh do I want one!
  • stop teasing and just sell these already
  • For the people who want to spend lots of money to buy a controller they'll use to play a single game (at most a single genre of games).
  • I don't see anything that suggests it wouldn't work well in any particular game. Or do you magically assume if you buy a controller based on a race car,m you can only play racing games with it?
  • The left joystick, my friend, is shaped differently and has restricted vertical movement so that it can only move from side to side (for steering). This is quite useless in anything but a racing game.
  • Yeah, but it could be changed out for another. Like everything else.
  • Elite controllers have swappable thumbsticks and other parts
  • The elite controller is designed to have parts swapped out, and reprogrammed. Thus allowing it to have the limiter circumvented
  • Thats like saying people who buy a console just for madden are wasting their money
  • Would anyone actually buy a console to play Madden? Halo I can understand (I'm going to by the XB1 to play Halo 5), or FIFA, or even Forza... but not Madden. Well, at least definitely not outside the US where NFL is some alien sport that nobody knows or cares about :P
  • Kind of like people who buy steering wheel accessories or flight joysticks, which doesn't seem that stupid.
  • Oh gosh did I say it was stupid? No. I said it was for the people who spend lots if money to play one genre of game. And it is. Pretending it wasn't designed with racing games in mind is foolhardy, whether or not you can change it out. Nor is the same as buying a console for a single game because a console is not designed for a single game or a single genre in mind, it's designed for all of them. People who buy a joystick, steering wheel, or expensive controller designed for a specific type of game are buying something expensive with the knowledge in mind that it is only for a specific type of game, unlike consoles which are designed for all types of games in mind.
    Gosh, you make one slightly sarcastic comment and you immediately get snapped at or corrected from thirty directions, haha.
  • It it was based on a Ford GT, it would break down immediately.
  • Damn, lol.
  • That makes no sense. How many Ford GT's have you owned? They are very reliable cars. Also, they are one of the few cars that have appreciated in value in such a short period of time. You can not care for Ford, but the GT is legendary then, now, and possibly in 2017.
  • Import
  • Not an import fan at all. Have owned GM's, Ford's, and Chrysler's. By far the biggest POS are always the Fords.
  • And require new batteries, every 10 minutes. Apart from costing far too much and making too much noise. I'm kidding. I like the Ford GT.
  • that analogue stick might be troublesome with other games, wouldn't it?
  • Elite controller. So it could be swapped
  • But couldn't you change out the 360 sticks? So why the cost differences?
  • Sticks, buttons, dpad, can be swapped and additional paddles as well as on board memory are in the elite controller.
  • But the dpad is just a magnetic circle. That could be retro fitted for the basic controller as well. Only real thing I see different is the paddle switches. Which doesn't justify it for me. But the Xbox one controller isn't for me anyways as i find the 360 fits my hands better. So enjoy it if you get it.
  • I don't care how much it costs. Im buying one. Tell me where to buy. I'll buy.
  • Got my Elite Controller yesterday Great piece of kit
  • Definitely is. I'm enjoying mine too.
  • This must be created, and I must buy one. That color scheme alone is fantastic.
  • Appears to be a typographical error. First sentence, last word: "sporscar"
  • idk about the cutaway triggers...wouldn't that leave room for crap to get caught up in there causing functional damage or errors? Everything else is f133< =p
  • Didn't notice until now. And yes I think so. Just give it normal triggers.
  • Forza 6 Elite Console Bundle with this controller and DLC key included. Lets make this happen so I can throw money at it.
  • With my luck it's possible they launch a Forza 6 Elite console bundle just after I buy the current Forza 6 bundle.
  • Although I would never buy an elite controller (I'm not that good of a gamer) I really enjoy seeing these custom made ones. They are so creative!
  • I would not be able to resist buying one of these.
  • I want Holden.
  • Please make it! Please!!
  • I'm in no rush to get an elite controller and will probably wait until they release another design like this one.
  • This is by far the coolest controller I have ever seen.
  • Pretty.
    I'm good with the Elite as is. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • First custom elite controller, for a driving game what afucking joke
  • Why so mad? It's a concept as part of Microsoft and Ford's partnership. Absolutely zero reason to get upset!
  • Well I don't even own a xbox one so yeah, but I have been considering it even over building a desktop.. It is really just this Elite thing that irritate me so bad.. Yes this controller performs alot better than the original. No doubt about that. Better sticks (glide rotation and all over).. Etc. If I buy a console I would like to expect that every one else uses the same hardware, and not someone with a controller that will probably headshot me faster. This will stick forever.. Better will always cost extra from now on and I hope people realize that.. They should cut out making the normal one save cost and include this one ("Elite") on every BOX sold.. We have and still have the magic of tv's input lag! And if you get one with -20ms and go against some poor soul with 40+ you will win!... Of course it depends on skill to, also with the controller. I imagine that absolutely everyone with a xbox one and the money to do so have ordered this, a srore that preordered 400+ sold out the day it was in stock, and I'm just guessing, but I really think Microsoft loved that. You can get a Xbox one and game, but if you want to be good like the best, you really need to spend another 150 bucks, catch my drift?.. I am now switching to considering a ps4 and I really hope Sony would just improve the dualshock4 controller to match this new Elite one.. But stop making the old one and just including the new on every console for the same price.
  • Very nice!
  • Lyk poes awesome!
  • Since it's a better color match to the Ford GT than the Forza controller, I'd buy one.