Chime in: What do you think of Windows 10 IoT?

Windows 10 IoT stands for "Internet of Things," and it's a lightweight platform designed for developers and engineers to create smaller, embedded devices that might not need a full-blown OS.

Windows 10 IoT has free versions for developers to build apps and devices for, and if you've been working with the platform or have purchased an IoT device like the GLAS thermostat, we'd love to hear from you!

Microsoft doesn't have any smart home products (aside from the thermostat that requires you to take it a second mortgage to buy it), so what exactly can I do with their Internet is Things protocol?


There is a growing, untapped domestic IoT market on the rise, including everything from connected coffee machines to smart speakers. Microsoft hasn't been too aggressive on the IoT front, but partnerships with Harman Kardon for the Cortana-powered Invoke speaker, and Johnson Controls for the gorgeous GLAS thermostat certainly exemplify the potential.

What do you make of Windows 10-powered IoT? Have you had experience with the devices mentioned, or any others? Jump in the forum thread and let us know.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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