Chime in: Can you use Xbox One as a dedicated Skype device?

Skype on Xbox One
Skype on Xbox One (Image credit: Windows Central)

Xbox One packs a lot of functionality for a video games console. Beyond games, Microsoft has secured a strong library of films, TV, and music, making for an ideal entertainment center in the living room. Apps from the Microsoft Store only expand these capabilities, hooking the console into a wider network of services.

Skype has been on the Xbox One since launch, though over the years has seen some major changes. Following a shift away from Kinect, it now embraces third-party webcams, while the Universal Windows Platform has brought major software improvements.

A related conversation recently surfaced on the Windows Central forums, with one user curious whether the Xbox One S is a viable solution for regular video calls.

I am looking to set up a dedicated skype machine at our small office to be shared by a handful of people and was thinking about using an xbox one s, webcam and a tv that we already have. Seems to me like it could be a cheap solution for what i'm looking for. Can anyone point out any reasons why this would be a bad idea? I know that at first microsoft didnt support the mic on the webcams but I...


But as always, we want to hear from you. Do you use Skype for Xbox One? Would you recommend an Xbox One for regular video calls? Make sure to drop into the forum thread linked below with your thoughts.

Matt Brown

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