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Microsoft released the Surface Pen alongside its tablet lineup of portable PCs to allow owners to draw and sketch on-screen without having to use third-party options. The stylus itself is pretty good, with the latest generation being more pressure sensitive with lower latency, which means it's more responsive, in theory, than the previous Surface Pen. But what isn't so good are the numerous reports of it being slightly inaccurate when the hand is resting on the screen.

Windows Central community member Blake Seaman has been monitoring the official Microsoft Answers thread on the issue and asked if anyone else has experienced the same problem:

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Blake Seaman
Blake Seaman

Surface Pro - intermittent pen inaccuracy when hand is on the screen At time of writing, the above topic has 39,744 views and 1358 replies. Quoting IanHoover (original poster of problem at Microsoft answers), It seems lots of folks have had no issues, but as a mathematics student for whom every "x" "=" or "t" grows a tiny and obnoxious little tail if I'm not wearing a glove, I'm...


Microsoft commented on this bug report and noted that it is working on a patch to be released through Windows Update, but more Surface Pen users are reporting similar symptoms. Have you noticed any problems with the Surface Pen? If so, be sure to sound off in our forum and hit up the Microsoft Answers thread for more details.

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