Chime in: Do you prefer OneDrive or Amazon's cloud storage?

OneDrive on Android
OneDrive on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

OneDrive has been around for a while now, as has Amazon's own Drive cloud storage platform. Both are priced competitively and include some goodies alongside an annual subscription. Should you be looking at ways to store backup copies of documents, photos and videos, such services are invaluable for accessing said files from multiple devices. Question is: which do you go for? Microsoft or Amazon?

Community member vEEP pEEP took to our forum to ask that of other members.

Hello, Amazon offers 1TB of space for $59.99 a year and unlimited Photos Office365 offers 1TB of space and Office for $79.99 I don't really use the Office products at home. Or there is open source, or Google services. I primarily need storage.


One thing to note is Amazon offers 1 TB for $59.99, which comes with Prime Photos while Microsoft rolls in 1 TB of OneDrive with a $79.99 yearly Office 365 subscription. The latter appears more expensive, but you get more bang for the buck with a full Office suite.

But what if you're also considering Dropbox or even Google's own cloud platform? We ran the numbers and have a guide to provide some insight.

From the forum: OneDrive vs Amazon Drive

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