Chime in: Just how well can you use a Surface Pro on your lap?

Using a laptop on your lap is easy. The clue is in the name. But what about the Surface Pro? It's not exactly a traditional form factor, right?

That's what one of the Windows Central community members needs an answer to.

Hi guys, I am thinking to buy a SP m3 as my secondary computer for office tasks. My only concern is that I usually use it on my lap when I am in the bed watching TV. I usually reply some emails. How is the the lapability on the bed using the keyboard? Thanks!!!

Santiago Del Bono Lonardi

With the angles you can fold the kickstand out to, you're supposed to be able to comfortably use the Surface Pro on your lap. That includes with the keyboard attached.

My only real experience with a Surface Pro was the Surface Pro 3 and I tried to use it on my lap on trains and planes many times and always ended up frustrated. It never felt truly comfortable to me, especially compared to a traditional laptop.

But that's only my opinion, we want yours. So hit the forums thread linked below and join the conversation.

SP in your lap

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