Chime in: Share your Surface Go tips and tricks

Surface Go is now available in over 25 markets, which means plenty of people now have one in their homes. Some of you have had yours longer than others, which means you might have a few tips and tricks that others might not know about, such as recommendations for best accessories.

If so, we want you to share your tips and tricks for the Surface Go. I shared four of my tips and tricks for Go earlier this week, which involved things like turning tablet mode on automatically when you disconnect the Type Cover and using Office Mobile for free. There's a related thread in our forums right now.

Hi all I'm a UK Go owner. Arrived on launch day 😊 Have to say I'm very happy with the experience. I have purchased the 8gb model and plan on leaving it in S mode. Any tips and tricks for a newbie Windows 10 tablet owner?


=I'm sure there are plenty more Surface Go tips and tricks out there that even we don't know about. So, head to our forums right now and share yours with us! If they're any good, we might compile another article in the near future.

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