Chime in: What are your early impressions of the Surface Go?

Surface Go
Surface Go (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Surface Go is Microsoft's latest in its innovative tablet line, shrinking the form factor down for extra portability. In our review, we found that the Surface Go punches above its weight, representing tremendous value at $400.

With Surface Go's availability expanding to more markets, we're wondering what your early impressions have been so far.

Forum user wolfpack219 shared some of their initial impressions on our Surface forums.

So I finally got my Go today. I purchased the 8gb/128 SSD model with Alcantera KB from Best Buy Ebay for $565.72 before taxes. I was impressed with the build quality upon opening the box. You can definitely tell it's a Surface product. It took me approximately 30 to 45 minutes to set it up and get all the OS drivers updated. Set up was really easy but I would think part of the process would...


I have a shiny Surface Go, and so far, I'm a big fan. In fact, most people I've spoken to seem to highly rate the pint-sized PC. I'm intrigued to learn more about how it handles gaming in such a portable form factor. I'd also love to read about your experiences, so jump in the forum thread and let us know!

From the forums: How are you enjoying your "Go"

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