Chime in: Would you buy a Surface now or hold off in hopes of Andromeda?

Surface Book 2
Surface Book 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

That's the topic of discussion today in the Windows Central forums. One community member is curious as to whether if you have the money on hand for a Surface anything right now, is the gamble of waiting on Andromeda one you're willing to take instead?

Hypothetical question... If you had £1500-2000 kicking around and were thinking about buying a new Microsoft machine, would you: Drop it on a new Surface Book 2/Surface Pro/Surface Laptop right now OR Wait for Andromeda, knowing this is the awesome device we've wanted for years, BUT it's going to be a first-generation device and could be extremely buggy. Early adopters are rarely...


First thing's first: We don't know Andromeda is the all-singing, all-dancing savior device that many Windows phone diehards say, or rather hope, that it is. We hear things and the rumor mill does its thing, but we're talking about an unofficial, unannounced product. Officially, we know nothing.

So that immediately becomes a question of buying something that does exist or sitting on your wallet waiting for something you hope will exist. And even then, will it actually live up to your hopes and dreams?

It provokes an interesting thought. Personally, I never hold off waiting for rumored devices, because rumors and patents and whatever else may not come to pass. But how about you? Are you desperately holding off buying anything new and expensive while waiting for any glimmer of Andromeda? Or would you just drop your money on products that currently exist, like the excellent Surface Pro LTE.

Hit the forums thread and let us know what you think!

New Surface today or Andromeda tomorrow...

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