Chime in: Would you subscribe to a Microsoft streaming TV service?

I've written before about how the Xbox One is almost the perfect set-top box but there are a couple of things missing or that would be cool to fill it out with.

One discussion currently going down in our forums concerns streaming TV. And whether Microsoft should get in on that.

The Playstation Vue seemed to have found a place. Why not Microsoft? I would jump on this type of service if Microsoft had it available. Especially running through the Xbox. What do you say?

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Considering the PlayStation's shortfalls in being a home entertainment center, such as the lack of 4K Blu-ray or any kind of live TV support as you get with OneGuide, Sony has a pretty good thing going with PlayStation Vue. And it's not limited to the PlayStation, either.

Streaming content is a hard market, though, and we've already seen Microsoft cancel its music service in the last 12 months, throwing in the towel against the competition. And even though Sony has a streaming TV platform, it's not available outside the U.S. with no sign of changing any time soon. So anything Microsoft did would almost certainly be the same.

But that's not to say there wouldn't be a demand, especially as more folks than ever are cutting the cable cord. What the Xbox, in particular, does at least have in its favor is the current support from the likes of HDHomeRun and the forthcoming Kodi app.

If you've a thought on this either way, stop by the forums thread linked below and join the conversation.

Would you subscribe to Microsoft streaming TV?

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