Chime in: What should consider when buying a PC for an elderly friend or family member?

When you're looking to purchase a PC for them to use either on a daily basis or sporadically, you should consider ease of use, affordability, and security. Some older folks still have yet to touch a PC, so you'll need to think back to the very first time you used a mouse and keyboard (or trackpad, touchscreen) to get an idea as to what they'll initially go through.

For keeping in touch with friends and family, browsing the internet and possibly firing up Solitaire every once in a while, you can get away with picking up a cheap PC and call it a day. With Windows 10 S as a viable option, there are plenty of choices available. Windows Central member vEEP pEEP took to our community forum for some advice.

Ok, is this the best place to ask? I hope so. Scenario: parents over 80. They can use a dumb cell phone Aging parents and computers! Help! Their Windows XP computer has to go! They can use email, browse the web, use Skype (if it is set up for them) but are not adventurous. Change one setting and game over. They require much more security that is automated (Malware).


In general, the PCs you consider for the shortlist should be:

Microsoft Surface 2-in-1s are solid considerations, mixing both tablet and laptop form factors into a single device. You then have some killer laptops and tablets that are likely more appealing than a traditional desktop. Need to make the purchase or suggestion yourself? Head to our community forum to share your experiences and see what others are saying.

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