Cities: Skylines 'Green Cities' expansion set for release on October 19

The next big expansion for Cities: Skylines finally has a release date. Green Cities, will adds hundreds of new sustainability-focused assets to the game, will release on October 19. To mark the occasion, Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have also released a fresh trailer showing off a bit of what players can expect in the expansion.

Green Cities will include new buildings, organic stores, parks and services that are all focused on creating a sustainable city. From Paradox Interactive:

Players can go completely green as the urban population grows, and create more diversified cities with new specialized options for all zones, such as a combustion engine ban in the inner city or waste filtering requirements for industrial buildings. New in-game services, scenarios and policy options will arrive alongside rvisions to noise and ground pollution.

Along with the release of Green Cities, Paradox says it will also release a free content update for all players that adds things like electric cars, road modding, parks and trees, and more to the base game.

Green Cities will launch on October 12 for Windows, macOS and Linux for $12.99. There's no word yet on when the expansion will hit the Xbox One version of the game as well.

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  • When you say Windows, does that mean the Windows 10 Edition or the Windows Steam version? I have the Windows 10E
  • Probably the steam version.  Which is all I've heard about with this release.  So let me ask you, with the E version, you can only install from the Windows Store correct? If that's true, then clearly its talking steam.
  • Yes the 10E is only available on the Windows Store. When i got the game i had no idea there was a steam version. I may grab the game on Steam after waiting a few to see if anything from this update makes it over the Windows Store version.
  • Cool!!  I can't wait.