Claim this free Rainbow Six Siege 'Six Invitational' MPX skin for a limited time

Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational 2020 MPX Skin
Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational 2020 MPX Skin (Image credit: Windows Central)

Preparation is underway for the Six Invitational 2020, Ubisoft's upcoming annual tournament for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The event pits the title's top 16 teams over the world champion title, while also providing the first glimpse at Year 5 plans and Year 5 Season 1 update.

The Six Invitational returns with another mid-season event, introducing a new limited-time celebration dubbed the "Road to S.I. 2020." Its arrival brings an ultra-competitive mode based on official Pro League rulesets, alongside the purpose-built Stadium map. That includes a modular kill house situated within a sporting arena, comprised of iconic sites from the existing Rainbow Six Siege map roster.

How to claim Rainbow Six Siege SI 2020 skin

Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational 2020 MPX Skin

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The imminent arrival of the Road to S.I. also introduces an exclusive MPX skin themed around the Six Invitational 2020. These coveted weapon cosmetics were previously restricted to attendees or paid randomized packs, with the first now available on the publisher's ancillary Ubisoft Club" service. The skin infuses vibrant tones upon a dark metallic base, compatible with loadouts for Valkyrie and Warden. While the Road to S.I. and Montreal-based event likely bring further themed skins, it's your first opportunity to unlock a permanent souvenir.

The skin, titled the "S.I. Club Reward," is available for free via the Ubisoft Club on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Uplay PC, or the Ubisoft Club website. The unlock is located under the Club Rewards section, among other Club-exclusive content.

The Rainbow Six Siege Road to S.I. event runs from January 15, through February 16.

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