A closer look at the Lumia 950 and Continuum Display Dock

Earlier this morning, our full review of the Microsoft Lumia 950 became available just as AT&T sales were slated to begin.

One of the more interesting areas of the Lumia 950 is its ability to 'become a PC' through the optional $99 Display Dock for Continuum. As our review and video were already rather lengthy, we broke out a segment just on Continuum to go a little more in-depth. Of course, due to the new nature of such a technology we'll also likely follow up on this article with more depending on your feedback, questions and various usage scenarios you propose.

I do think Continuum is part of Microsoft's vision for mobile computing even if this is the early stages of it. As I have mentioned before, it is easy to sit and point out the flaws with the Display Dock + Lumia 950 setup including limitations. However, if you see the long-term implications of such a technology and what it could mean in even a year or two, you should be impressed.

While you're watching the video look out for an Easter egg towards the end. It's coming soon™ I promise!

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You can now purchase the $99 Continuum Display Dock right from Microsoft or grab the Actiontec wireless Miracast dongle for around $70 from http://http://Amazon.com?tag=wpcentralb-20?tag=wpcentralb-20

Want to know which Type-C cable to get? How about a micro SD card? Read these guides for the best tips.


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  • If they can integrate the stuff inside the dock into the phone, it will be much more portable. I wonder what's inside it.
  • Yeah.. its not long when people want to wash their clothes with the phone instead of washing machine or put their food in a phone instead of freeze !! JK 
  • @ssapre are you a fan of Tim Cook?
  • LoL
  • I'm thinking it's just hardware to connect the screen, power for your phone and a USB port. You're able to do Contiuum wirelessly too is the reason why.   BRB, need to fact check my statements.
  • By "stuff", do you mean the Display Port, HDMI port, power port, and USB ports?  Can you imagine how ridiculous (thick, ugly, add COST, etc) such a phone would look? They perhaps could have made it flatter and longer. Perhaps as a Qi charging pad, but I certainly think it makes sense as an optional accessory.
  • I think he was referring to having continuum work without miracast (wireless or maybe via Bluetooth) or/and maybe having it working with only a wire between the 950 and the display (since you only need a connection between the two maybe you could put the hardware part (wit you the ports) inside the phone). By the way I would love it to be a wireless charging pad! I wonder if there could also be a continuum like feature but instead of it using a display if it could use a projector...
  • I thought it already works by just having USB Type-C to HDMI or DisplayPort? Basically same to what we have by having USB to HDMI in current phones. They we just need bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse then we already have a desktop PC without a Dock (I still don't know why this is called dock when the device is not actually docking on the Docking device).
  • Won't that only project your phone's screen? I think it doesn't scale apps like continuum does
  • I think you can connect the dock to a projector through the HDMI Port on the it. AGCircles Solutions
  • Don't quote me on this, but I'm fairly sure a USB-to-HDMI cord + Bluetooth keyboard and mouse will get the job done. The Display Dock isn't really the method, just more of a means if that makes any sense... All the hardware to run Continuum is found inside the Lumia 950/XL, you just need some way of outputting it. After all, your Surface doesn't need the Surface dock to run multiple monitors or plug in USB, but it does offer a nice integrated solution. (Yes, I realize not a perfect comparison since Surface has built-in ports, but you get the idea)
  • This!
  • Dude. Seriously!
  • Technically it already is. You don't need the dock for Continuum. The video itself covers that all you need is a Miracast dongle to make it work wirelessly.
  • a fancy gimmick
  • So far it's just a gimmick, although a really cool one. We'll have to see how the technology evolves.
  • The issue is that everywhere there is a keyboard, mouse and monitor, there is also already a computer. I don't see that changing anytime in the foreseeable future. Of you find yourself in a place without those things, you'll wish you had a laptop. Where would you ever use this?
  • You're not thinking in different scenarios. Now that I get a closer look at the display dock, I see the HDMI - the big slot in the middle, bottom - which will work with a projector. I will want to try it out, when I can grab the 950 XL but it will mostly be used to play around with for the time being. It could also be a backup of a backup, meaning if I forget to bring a laptop to a customer, I can use the Display Dock.  I will like to try it out in different scenarios myself, maybe more will present themselves. This is only one that I can think, so not ultimately useless.  
  • I think of continuum as a further extension of what Tim Cook said "why would anyone by a PC. In the future, you won't need to, the Phone will scale to the screen and run the apps you need. It's not a "now" thing as much as a "later" investment
  • Well, Continuum makes that future a now thing for Microsoft.
  • I can see where this would be appealing to corporations. They could give these devices to employees who only need the basics (email, word, excel, powerpoint, etc.) and they would only need a single device. Also, this is all most high school students would need as well. I have younger kids, but could easily see them using the next generation of Lumia/Surface phones for everything they do. Homework, texting, social media would be no problem even for the 950's, let alone the next generation.
  • d33pth0u9ht, t These are very good points, why buy Middle or High Schooler a laptop if you can get them a 950XL, monitor, keyboard and mouse and it would be cheaper for schools as well, BYOD for schools.Lower maintenance cost and less hardware that can break.I like it!
  • It's a gimmick for those that wouldn't use their phones for work, sure.  Just like the 1020's camera was a gimmick for people who don't care about photography, or the 1520 for people that don't like large screens.  I have personally used OneNote, Word, Excel, and Remote Desktop on my phone in emergency or impromptu trips into the datacenter or some such (where I didn't plan to bring my Surface or laptop due to the timing/circumstance).  If I kept an accessory bag in my car with folding/portable keyboard, mouse, dock, usb, and display cables, then I could connect to any compatible display and get stuff done with larger screen visibility.  Accessories are easier to keep in multiples for such situations.  Extra PCs, laptops, and tablets (with your data), not so much.  The functionality of Continuum in this instance is certainly a value-add and not merely a gimmick. Perhaps it is not destined to be a widely used ​feature, but I'm not convinced that qualifies it as gimmick.
  • In our offices we have spaces where visiting staff and consultants can sit down behind islands of PC's or docking stations for laptops specifically made for them. Typically these users only use email and Office. BYOD is definatey not an option for us. Done that, support became a time consuming mess. Continuum would bring cost down significantly. We already provide people with phones (WM or iphone), therefore it would be great to save on PC's and possibly some laptops.
  • Datacenter is not really a great example since they should have carts already setup with monitor keyboard and mouse that you roll up to any racked server and plugin. At least those I worked in have. A majority of the population is not going to find continuum useful, unless of course they address the need for accessories to use it.
  • I've been trying to get my step-dad to use Windows Phone ever since I got my Icon. He uses his phone everywhere but once he nears his laptop, his phone becomes a second rate item. He usually supports the phone OEM, if their one of our customers: so LG phones. He doesn't need any app or game, but uses email, word and power point the most. It would almost be ideal for him. If I get the 950 XL with a Display Dock, I will want to show him how it works. Other than that, I really don't second rate market Windows Phone, unless someone asks.
  • When we have more Universal apps which am very sure will happen, that's when this feature is going to become awesome.
    If only windows phone was as popular as iphone...everyone would be scrambling to accommodate screens+ keyboard and a dock to plug in your continuum phone...
    The 'future' could have been the present if Microsoft had the brand loyalty in phones now...
    I guess another way to look at is that android and iphone's brands are hindering the adaption of a potentially useful tech...hmm...
  • A corporation can easily develop in-house/proprietary apps for windows if they liked. They can deploy them simultaneously to Windows 10 PCs and Mobiles. Really, it streamlines a lot of stuff.
  • Yeah, this time we really powerful Universal Apps to make W10M Continuum to be useful or else it will stuck as a forgotten feature that rarely people use. Continuum success is dependant on Universal Apps. About the adoption, well the problem is that Microsoft is to blame themselves too why their mobile efforts is still stagnant despite the potential. This might start to change this time but the question is when that's gonna happen? W10M doesn't need to be number one but it needs a big enough healthy marketshare. I dont see Android and iPhone intentionally hindering it, it just happen that iPhone became so popular and the one who started this smartphone game while Android quickly followed to be the alternative to iPhone earlier. Windows Phone is both late and misses so many oppurnities to make the platform compelling at that time.
  • It is 5 years in and all they have is potential. At this point they need or really should have a mature ecosystem that developers can be confident will stick around. How long until they reset their platform again? This is the third time in five years! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just because you don't see a use for it, doesn't mean others don't. I rarely watch movies on my phone...is having the ability to play videos a gimmick too then?
  • W10M Continuum is still limited but I don't think its a gimmick feature. It's useful for some people want to work everywhere with certain use cases. Though indeed its a challenge since we most people already have a laptop or tablet (and hybrids) to carry. This Continuum tech would be more relevant when we just have a kiosk for these kind of stuff but that will take a while to happen.
  • I am totally planning on ditching my 5 year old Laptop and right, now for my current needs, continuum on phones is fulfilling all I need as all the apps I need daily are available in the store. For high end use cases I will built a proper potent desktop system but for now I just hope that the dual SIM variant of the 950xl will be released soon. Looking forward to no longer have to carry my laptop around especially for when I go on a flight - no more unpacking at the security check *yay*; I might just for the lolz reply to the question if I have a laptop or tablet with with yes and put my phone on the table. ;P
  • You still need to carry around a screen, keyboard and a mouse. That sounds sway heavier than an Ultrabook. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, you don't have to. The nice thing here is that you can use any existing mouse/keyboard/display found at your destination.
  • I like the direction MS is going. This Phone is geared for the business professional. Not for kids who want to play games and roam on Facebook.
  • Yeah, because bother phones don't have email or Office apps. Please. If anything, the new Blackberry is the best business phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Here's how I'll be using this "Fancy Gimmick." I'm at work and sometimes I need to work on a few things for my kid's school since I'm a board member and sometimes I need to work on a few things for my side business as I am a photographer. Don't get me wrong, I am a very productive employee at the day job, but spending a few minutes typing on my phone as people walk by doesn't look good. I could just do it on my desktop computer, but everything this is tracked on the network. With Continuum, I can just continue working on my "desktop computer" for those times I need to do school/biz stuff and it won't look as bad since I'm neither on my phone or being tracked by big brother. That's how I'll be using it and I would gladly spend the $100 for the Continuum dock for that, but they are giving it away until January, so score!
  • Can it run X86 programs when in continuum? Thinking as a gift, maybe...
  • 1+
  • No.
  • No, but they're thinking of a way to achieve that. As Microsoft announced a business phone yet to be released, combined with the fact, that an Intel processor Lumia showed up in benchmark, this might point towards a surface phone with Intel (x86) CPU. This would then be able to run x86 apps.
  • I going forward to full PC OS Surface phone so I can install Programs and maybe be able to install BlueStacks program to use Android apps
  • Good luck getting Android apps via BlueStack running in a remotely usable way on a phone. :P
  • Yup, they're already thinking about it. So it may happen but it will take a while since haven't even planned as I interpret their statement. It will be a challenge though since W10M needs to share more components that Win32 apps needs and a proper desktop shell to take advantage of it. At the moment W10M is still a fetal form.
  • I mean W10M Continuum is still a fetal form. Comment system of Windows Central app really needs rework.
  • If the remote desktop app is universal, you can connect to another PC and run anything you want. Some days, I am thinking I will leave my PC at home, and just carry my 950 XL into the office. There is a keyboard, mouse and monitor already at my desk, If I need to run any X86 programs I can just RDP into my PC. Same thing goes for some short business trips. What I really need to make this 100% viable are good universal Citrix and VMWare apps. There are apps for both of those in the Windows Store, but I don't think either are universal. Looking forward to experimenting with this once I get my XL and the Dock.
  • You could do this with Android. Remote desktop apps, HDMI out and keyboard support has been available for years. Plus there are actual apps available now, not maybe sometime possibly in the future. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hmmm I wonder if works with Microsoft miracast
  • You can use Continuum with Miracast, I was using it this morning with my Xbox One as the Miracast receiver. Worked fairly well, but it kept the screen in a weird 4:3 orientation. I"m sure it will get better with time, and browsing the WinPhone Reddit it seems that others have used it with other Miracast devices without any issues either
  • Oh ok good to know. I am using with the NL1520 to streaming Anime series (Dragon Ball Super) and Flash Sports (HBO Boxing PPV for free) on the 55" HDTV. Thanks for share your info sir
  • Make sure you have your tv set at native resolution. Mine was not and cut off the edges.
    Also have you tried to screencast without continuum. For apps like Netflix that doesn't support continuum? I can't seem to figure that one out.
  • Yes, it does, and a bluetooth keyboard.
  • Well, sounds good then
  • Cool vid, thanks.
  • This is the future!
  • Love the review video. Can't wait to see the xl review, hopefully it isn't too big for me. Just about to view the continuum one. Wish it was free for all uk sales. Weird how double tap to wake works on my 920 in 10586. Hardware problem for the 950? Incidentally, any chance you guys would pin down Snapchat for an idea of if they will ever release it?
  • Good to see the new Windows Central app is on its way!
  • The docking station is just like any other dock, it adds ports.
  • It is a nice feature, but I don't see it being as something I would use much as of yet. Very cool but niche feature.
  • I might since my laptop went boom. This and a portable screen might replace my laptop.
  • If I can travel to my market office without my laptop...I am going to be thrilled. I despise traveling with my surface and my work laptop.
  • I'm assuming Word and Excel will be free on the 950/xl? For me that would be good. Can't wait for the new WC app. Hope it has landscape typing back. Man, those universal apps look nice.
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook. Yep. Nice free combo there. 
  • those apps are free?  Or do you need an office 356 subscription?
  • Free
  • And this is great for students!!!
  • Those who attempt to throw shade on are truly lost, and have no idea what mobile tech is or should be.
  • I don't understand the meaning of the expression "throw a shade on."
  • Here's the meaning: http://tinyurl.com/qcnrt4w
  • Thanks for the video! This is by far the most intriguing feature of the new phones in my opinion. Even though I'd definitely still be using my SP3 as my main PC if I could use this on my phone (Lumia 640) I'd definitely play around with it from time to time if only just for fun. :) I look forward to seeing this technology evolve. I hope Redstone will bring windowed mode to apps. I really like how the taskbar shows the app icons and even the Action Center icon, by the way. ^^ Not sure why the status icons on the top of the screen aren't simply shown on the tray area as well, though, that seems rather odd.
  • Good to see Pandora (non Microsoft app) working well with continuum.
  • Soon'tm' I see what you did there ;O)
  • Please, let me use Visual Studio fully installed on the phone so that I can use it with conntinum like MS Office and will be ammaze​d (BTW Website Lags as hell).
  • RemoteApp it, why not? ;)
  • +1
    I'm finns use my 950xl with remoteapp so i can replace my pro 2
  • Wow, that is great to see that there is a wireless option! I've been searching for confirmation and just now got it....
  • I like!  
  • Dan you should let people that beta tested the OS beta test the new app for you :)
  • My biggest question is...does it support the messaging app on continuum? I haven't seen or heard anybody talk about this yet. It would be amazing to be able to open the messaging app on the full screen and type on a regular keyboard.
  • Well, it's a universal app that also runs on PC so I don't see why it shouldn't.
  • Messaging works just as it does on the phone and scales up. No issues. You can send and receive text or Skype messages just fine.
  • The cloud allows this without some silly hardware. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What happens when you try to launch the WiFi settings? That should launch a separate app, shouldn't it? I don't get why they didn't integrate that (and others) into the settings app instead of keeping a separate app, which looks okay in portrait but odd in landscape mode. I suppose it looks rather bad on the huge screen.
  • I hAd a feeling the easter egg was going to be about the Windows Central Universal App.  It looks really good.  Can't wait to try it out.
  • Can the phone be rotated to landscape and used as a touchpad? Landscape orientation would more align with a traditional touchpad.
  • Dan, in another video said that the keyboard only pops out in portrait mode. I assume the trackpad as well.
  • I don't find it to be a gimmick. I can see it being perfect for a small business owner that uses Word, excel, Outlook heavily. For instance, a therapist can walk into the office, consult with a client, and afterwords connect and write up sesion notes, treatment recommendations, prescriptions, work on marketing, conduct phone counseling, then disconnect and drive to another appointment using her phone for navigation and other personal use. No need to haul around a tablet or laptop or even buy another device. Her whole business could be run using her phone. Having x86 would be a bonus and allow for even more functionality. Why is this so hard to comprehend?
  • Because these morons have drunk the kool-aid and feel like they have to say something negative about something Microsoft puts out.
  • Actually, it's because continuum is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist and businesses are not going to invest when that is the case. If Microsoft had the market share that Android has then they could push the industry in that direction. If Microsoft came out with glasses that would give you a virtual display then that's a different story as it now becomes a truly portable solution.
  • A problem or a new convenience ;)
  • Tim Cook said that about NFC...until...Apple Pay. Businesses have invested in "dumb terminals" and this is a way for knowledge workers to be mobile and have all of their "stuff" with them.  I think others will have more imagination and vision that you think.
  • Because as far as I am aware no business solely runs off of office and email. Every place I've ever worked or been in has had some other required software. The system has its uses but it is nowhere near the second coming of Jesus Christ that everyone is making it out to be.
  • Its very easy for a corporation to develop and deploy proprietary software to windows 10 PCs, tablets and mobiles now. They just need to package it as a universal app and they are all set.
  • That's not actually that easy to do. Depends on their software, some may not be possible to be rewritten as UWP at the moment. UWP is not yet as flexible as the traditional desktop SDKs and especially with some dependencies that we don't know. Though its possible for some business who have less specialized needs. UWP will get there in the near future.
  • But you obviously are not aware that most businesses have/use Terminal/Remote desktop/Citrix servers with all the applications. So Continuum + RDP/Citrix UWP apps is all it takes. And those apps are already UWP apps. BOOM: Continuum ready for A LOT OF businesses. :)
  • You are right on...this phone is gear for the working professional. A mantle Blackberry used to carry. Blackberry has went Android and they are appealing to kids who like alot of apps, games and roam on Facebook all day. 
  • Nice review as usual. Will be trying this out with my 950xl but wirelessly with a bt keyboard and sitting on a Qi charger.
  • I almost bought a BT keyboard today at the Microsoft Store, but they were pretty convincing that Continuum doesn't work wirelessly...at all.  Ugh.  If I go back, I'm playing them this video! ha ha.   I just fired it up via my Roku 3, so now I can throw down a few bucks on a BT keyboard.  
  • Wondering why recommending Actiontec verses the Microsoft Miracast adapter ?  
  • See below for a comment on that. Basically, Miracast is a standard, but like USB and Bluetooth there are different results from hardware manufacturers. Some are good, some are not so good. There is nothing unique about Actiontec except that Microsoft has had good results with it and Continuum. That does not preclude other Miracast tech from working well, but they feel confident recommending the Actiontec for the best result.
  • So it looks like you linked to the ActionTec 'Continuum Edition' adapter. ActionTek makes a standard Miracast adapter as well that looks identical. Documentation is nil, any ideas what the extra $20 is for besides the launch name? http://www.screenbeam.global/screenbeam-mini2/ http://www.screenbeam.global/screenbeam-mini2-continuum/    
  • So I tried use Continuum with my Xbox One... and it works!  Mostly...  the input lag on the trackpad was awful.  Could just be the network though, requires more testing. . .
  • Does it run Teamviewer or Remote Desktop? With Remote Desktop you can use Azure to remote the high level stuff that doesn't run on ARM today...its how I worked with my Surface tablets when they came out...I look at Windows 10 like the OS we would have gotten in 2018 but we got it this year, a leap forward that will reveal more features and capabilities the closer we get and perhaps it will be that much greater than what we see today, but seriously the expectations of some people are just ridiculous and unrealistic. After all, we still need people to make these things happen and time marches on at it's pace so... =[
  • Didnt teamviewer turn Universal a few days ago? .. I assume it would work
  • CNET's Jessica Dolcourt reported today that the keyboard shortcuts like copy and paste didn't work. Microsoft says they do. Do they? If so, how do we get CNET to rectract erroneous information?
  • A very nice quick demo, thanks.  From the looks of it, the experience is entirely in line with the Windows 10 experience in tablet mode.  It certainly is nifty.  I would love to see Remote Desktop in Continuum.  :D
  • Wow, eat that Apple and Android shi$
  • Because it can do what Android has been capable of for years? HDMI output and keyboard/mouse support isn't special. I guess the killer thing here is the lack of apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol
  • HDMI output and keyboard/moust support isn't special, but Continuum is. It's a bit more that mirroring the phone screen on a monitor, but bash away. 
  • When Daniel says "Hey Cortana", Cortana starts on my phone. Yes it's only trained to my voice. Just had others try with no luck but every time Daniel says hey Cortana in this video she starts. Craziness.. 950 (white)
  • same thing happened on my laptop, but then she realised it wasn't me and backtracked saying "something isn't right...try again later". Good for her. :)
  • The windows central app looks great. Cant wait!
  • Questions. 1. Am I right to assume the apps are what are on the phone ? What mean is, Word the full version like it is on the PC, or the stripped down ones that is on the phone ? 2. Performance, Is it kind of, If it plays on the phone (video wise), it will play on the display ? Have you tried 4K, 10080p, high bit rate 1080p videos, and has there been any studdering or poor performance noticed ? 3. This is ONLY unversal apps ? So that 4 year old Xbox live Windows Phone game that runs fine on the phone but, is NEVER updated will never see the light of day on this system ? I wish they would allow any app to run (if it can run in landscape mode, force and put in a Window), it would make it more usefull. Some games would be so much better on a Keyboard and mouse (if possable in the app, of course).   Thanks for posting this up, a lot of us have been worndering just how usefull it is, and it's a big maybe thing..  
  • Performance depends on what you are doing. For short email checks or editing small(!) office files it's fine. Bigger files can get quite slow. Using Edge can also be quite bad as well when you're using more than one tab in desktop mode.
  • How does remote desktop work on it ? Could this be the perfect setup to RDC or Teamviewer to a REAL PC and get real work done ?
  • Thats what I was wondering. Would love to see Daniel do a video review of the new Team Viewer app running in continuum.
  • while this looks crazy awesome i still can't really see me using this often ... :/ anyway i think its a really cool feature and it definitely shows the huge potential of the windows univeral app platform.
  • Does the dock only output 1080P?  Can I output 1680x1050?
  • Hahah! Loved hearing about that Windows Central UWP app. Fingers crossed. Oh and with so many posts to comment on today, I forgot. Mark is doing an incredible job with these video productions. Has really upped his game in 2015. Good work bro!
  • For someone who has been doing over 3000 words posts on his 4" and 4.7" lumias, this is a dream come true. My only sore spot while doing that on my phone would be during editing and continuum rectifies that. Also, no other competitor OS does screen projection like that. Sure you could cast content media here or there but that is all play and no work. With continuum you can also work with it (scratch-that: Be productive like a boss where ever you are now! :D) and the fact that you can still use your phone for other tasks is incredible. And the fact that only Windows can do it speaks volumes. Feedback for Phone Continuum 2.0 or 1.1 or whatever:
    1) Snap Assist. :D
    2) Translucent start menu.
  • The windows central app wasn't greyed out on the monitor. Is that some kind of hint? :P Very well explained though. Thanks for the video.
  • Cooooooooooooooooooooooool man (Y)
  • I really want it.
  • Are you sure? I mean, are you willing to pay those extra 150 USD$ for a feature you won't know what to do with? Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • It is a tool that a user could find many uses for. One can use their imagination to think of the possibilities.
  • I see many things that you can do with that device and dock, but yet we need more universal apps. Time to time.
  • ..FrankUnderwood2..Troll detected. Move away please.
  • I'll assume that @Angel Salvatierra has more imagination and knowledge that you do.  There is plenty that can be done.  I will be using this wirelessly through my Roku to do some living room work in Word and check emails in Outlook.  I hope that some of the photo/video editing apps become universal because it would be REALLY great to do some editing on my big screen TV. So while you and your Galaxy S3 don't know what to do with it, some of us will come up with some productive/fun things to do with it.
  • Daniel, what happens if we try to open a non-universal app in the monitor? Or does it show only universal app in the app list?
  • I tried to open Fhotoroom and it told me that it couldn't, but that I should open it on my phone. 
  • It would be great if they could somehow combine the surface dock with the Continuum dock. Just an idea.  
  • That would be a great idea. Saves money, space and clutter. I also want them to make Wireless Charging pad with NFC enabled Continuum. The device will automatically use the paired peripherals and use Miracast to the paired Monitor/TV.
  • Agreed, it really should come standard with all MS docking solutions from now on. The more locations where a dock is available, the more attractive this becomes. Example, when you visit a friend at work, you can ask 'do you mind if I quickly hook up my phone to your dock to hammer out some emails'? Only drawback, the phone would probably start to install drivers for all devices that are connected to the dock. :)
  • So to cut the long story short, I buy a 700$ smartphone which I will further use as a digital mouse pad for my laptop/desktop monitor?? That's not only ridiculously funny, it's an insult to the whole scientific innovation theory. Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • ..FrankUnderwood2...Troll detected. Move away please.
  • Moreover, I personally think this is even more stupid gimmick than Samsung Galaxy S3 Wave gesture. I mean seriously, I am going to buy a 100$(minimum) Dock, some very fancy cables and somehow accommodate them on my deak/table leaving no room for anything else and then do what exactly on my smartphone?? Anyone? Please explain... Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • You don't want anyone to explain this to you. You are just trolling around... subtle, but still trolling. You forgot that the dock is free with the XL from the MS store.
  • What if I have Microsoft Lumia available officially here in my country but there are no physical MS stores. Plus, I repeatedly said "seriously", which meant I was serious about what ever I was saying. I wasn't and am not trolling at all. So, for me, this phone at a 700$ price is 10 times worse purchase than say a Blackberry Priv or LG V 10. Heck, even almost 8 months old Galaxy S6 is a better buy. Not to forget Moto X Style and Huawei Honor 7 64 GB. So at this price point, to be very honest and without a single troll word, I don't think this phone is worth a shot. Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • ..FrankUnderwood2..You are. Move away please.
  • Try harder. It's not working. Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • I bought nothing new and ran this wirelessly with my Roku 3 on my TV.  I definitely don't see it as a gimmick, but you seem inclined to call it that and argue with anyone who disagrees.   While using Continuum on the second screen, you can still use your phone to do different things.  You can edit a document on the external monitor and answer a call or send a text or play on Facebook with your phone.  I know this to be true...I just did it.  
  • May I ask where did you get that Roku? And how much it cost? Does it work exactly as a Docked Continuum? Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • I got my Roku 3 for 50% off, so $50, from Sling TV. I played with the dock for like 5 minutes in the store, but they seem to work the same. I won't be surprised if the wireless shows some lag. I type pretty fast.
  • Agreed.   
  • I wonder if Microsoft dock can be replaced with just USB-C -HDMI converter
  • Continuum can bring the "comfort" of desktop computing (lean back, large screen, keyboard, mouse) to people who don't want/need the power and complexity of desktop PCs. Millions of people get by with just a smartphone or tablet; millions more have terrible old PCs that are frightfully complex (to them) security nightmares. Many "normals" actually appreciate the simplicity and security of a mobile OS (see the rise of Chromebooks). That doesn't mean they should be forced to sit hunched over little screens, pecking at on-screen keyboards.
  • That dock can do wonders in the future if MS wants to. Like built in ssd, wireless file sharing with various windows devices at once etc.
  • C'mon make it work on 930, i want Continuum but i definetly not going a new Windows flagship any time soon. That phone just amazing and had a better desing than 950. (Lumia 930)
  • They should have made a dock that the phone sits on, rather than making wired as the only option?
  • For $100 it should definitely have some sort of mount. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would probably not give much use to this since I own a laptop, but I can definitely see the impact on businesses. I'm picturing an open space with lots of tables featuring docks/keyboards/screens so that people temporarily on site can connect and do some MS office work or even basic coding (high hopes for a continuum enabled visual studio code)
  • Lol, you triggered Hey Cortana on my SP3 when you asked for the weather! At first I thought it was part of the video then I realized it was my Cortana. I'll have to fix that.
  • I've been considering this as an alternative to just buying some type of HTPC. It would be pretty cheap in comparison, and it would have the same use. Especially since "Hey Cortana" works on it, and the fact that the phone and continuum run separately. What would be sweet for a later version is if they implemented NFC to the display box. It would be great to just be able to set my phone on the box to charge and have it ready for later without fumbling with cords. Aside from that I wouldn't get much use out of it. It's a really neat idea for businesses though. You could save a ton of money replacing work desktops with this. Granted everyone would have to use a windows phone, which could be tough to sell, but still it would be cheap and fairly secure.
  • You can buy a small Dell desktop with a dual core for $100. There is no reason to buy this thing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For you. 
  • I'm kind of concerned that the Continuum Display Dock only outputs 1080p.  The phone has a screen resolution of 2560x1440, and the monitor he connected it to has a resolution of 3840x2160.  Clearly he should at least be able to output 2560x1440 to the monitor, and while I don't expect full 4K support, it would be nice to have.  I'm wondering why the limitation of 1080p output.
  • For $100 you buy a PC stick. This makes almost no sense at his price. For that price it should have its own x86 processor. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why are you in broken record mode? We get that you don't get it, so just do t get it.
  • What happens if you plug the display dock in to ha HD ready tv? (720p)
  • You gotta buy more stuff. You always have to buy more stuff when it's Microsoft.   
  • Lumia why 1520 can not be connected to the monitor? Why did Microsoft?
  • Wow. I didn't realize you could use your phone's screen as a mouse/trackpad when you use continuum. That's amazing. Microsoft needs to do a commercial highlighting that feature alone. It would blow people's minds.
  • When I was watching the video, my phone's Cortana responded to Dan's voice on the video! ha ha
  • Cute
  • Hey Daniel, could you please review the use case scenario "being out of your home"? I mean, wouldn't it be cool to just fire up netflix or the likes if you are stuck in a hotel? Or taking your netfix,hboGo, SkyGo and the likes in your pocket over to a friends house? In that case it would make connecting a pc/laptop to tv obsolete, as well as logging yourself in on other machines (most providers limit registered devices to 5, like Sky). If those apps aren't UWAs right now, could you please use your sources to clarify, if it will be possible, when these companys make theire apps UWA? And if any, which one will be?  
  • ink that Microsoft should merge the surface mini and surface phone project into one . If Intel chips are not available at prime time ,a slightly customized overclocked snapdragon 820 should be used. discrete gpu would be fine.Liquid cooling would blow away heating.A bezel less 6.5 inch phablet with steel outer frame for ruggedness and back cover of leather. I prefer leather here because it should replace notebooks. display would be slightly longer while reducing top and bottom bezels but lowermost screen space can be used for multitasking icons . Dual side mounted speakers would be nice extras. Put thickness at 8 mm in excess. Put a slightly better surface pen with better friction and latancy . put that at top right unlike note 5 . Material design is ideal one but too much contrast puts me off.Put that continuum dock hardware into it. I want a single USB type cable between TV and phone. Ya its my dream surface device. If some chinese companies can make some georgous and industry leading phone in no time. Why can't Microsoft. If not why not think about outsourcing it .
  • Wishful thinking, but I'd like to see something on the lines of a Continuum "kit" - complete with a high resolution screen (maybe the size of the Surface), a foldable keyboard and the dock. In other words, a semi-laptop that gets a lot of stuff (except the really resource-heavy ones) done for most people, with of course the awesome advantage being that it is all powered by your phone. I would find this to be a really practical implementation of Continuum and I would imagine many here would agree. Of course you could argue about getting a separate laptop for all your needs, but the difference in this case would be that the Continuum kit would only be a fraction of the price of a full-blown laptop since you are utilizing your phone's processor.   
  • Honestly, it's a mess.  Just what everyone wants - more cables, more peripherals, more stuff to buy and for what? A unified Windows 10 experience?  My company: 15k+ employees has almost everyone on Dell laptops plugged into desktop ports. And for phones? Everyone has an iPhone. Works fine. 
  • So, you have desktop ports, I would guess to use keyboards, mice and monitors, and you are worried about 'more' cables?!? The continuum dock *replaces* the laptop dock.  It replaces the laptop for most people. At least where I work, most specialty apps are mostly ported over to internet apps, so they should work anyway. I could see how 'It's a mess' when you have laptops *and* phones to upgrade/replace every two years.  That is a lot of wasted time & money.  Having two very powerfull computers side by side and only using one at a time is a mess. For my Snowbird parents (Michgan summers, Florida winters), a conituum dock at each home would combine  two (fairly old) desktops and a cell phone in to one device.  They don't use the computers for anything complex. email, facebook, skype, internet.  Maybe a spreadsheet or two in there somewhere.
  • Hello Daniel, what about the temperatures of the device during the use?
  • Lumia 1520 no  Display doc :(
  • I can see my self using this at home and at the office for meetings and such.  I really like this feature and it is something that makes me want the surface phone that can run x86 apps... I would love to get to the office and dock my phone... just the other day, I left my surface at home so I had to use my desktop computer the day... If I would have had my phone, I could have just docked it and worked on a lot of my projects.  Of course it will not replace my machines that do heavy lifting, but it will be a grand option for a lof ot my regular application... Seriously... I would love to get a 950/xl, but this promise into the future is so nice that I am willing to wait for more "phone"  rather than just jumping in for something new...  My 940 is solid... I thouht 1520 would carry me over, but since it does not do continum either, I would have been in the same boat regardless of flagship status. 
  • Just played with the 950/Display dock at the Microsoft Store.  There's oodles of potential here.  I was able to simultaneously use the phone while continuum was running the desktop.  For example I could be crunching numbers on the desktop, while talking a phone call or browsing the web.  Too bad display is only to 1080p, but hopefully the DisplayDock has the hardware to move up when available.  The only concern is the processing power of the 950 and the availability of universal apps.  But a nice start!
  • Wicked stuff!! Absolutley LOVE it!! ​Wish i could use it, but it's way too expensive for me...everything i earn goes for college expenses!!
  • Why oh why does the dock not have a groove in it so the phone can sit in it (landscape) and look like desk clock while in use ...  
  • Just got this display dock and boy am I loving it.