New this week on Xbox One: Cobalt, Fortified, and Krinkle Krushers!

Every week, new games are released for the Xbox One. Whether they are indie titles or AAA titles, we want to make sure they're on your radar. So get your wallet ready and clear some space on your hard drive. Let's take a look at what's coming out this week for Xbox One.


Cobalt is an action-packed platformer that's all about crazy multiplayer battles that feature 'bullet-time' and combat rolls. The game comes from Mojang, the geniuses behind the hit game Minecraft.

Cobalt features a single-player campaign, challenge maps, as well as a co-op survival mode. But where the real fun in Cobalt lies, is within its multiplayer game modes. You and up to seven of your friends can go at online or locally.

Cobalt is available now on your Xbox One!

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Who needs zombies? That's a question I'm sure the developers of Fortified asked themselves when brain-storming this game. Fortified pits you and three of your friends against alien robots as they invade Earth and try to take down everything in their path.

What makes Fortified unique is that the game meshes a bunch of genres into one game. The game plays like a third-person shooter but it incorporates aspects from real-time strategy and tower-defense games. Like the name of the game implies, the game focuses around fortifying your base to hold the enemy back. If your fortifications are weak, you risk no longer standing between the Martians their complete takeover of Earth.

Fortified fires its way onto the Xbox One on February 3.

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Krinkle Krusher

Krinkle Krusher bends the rules a bit for a tower-defense game. A typical tower-defense game places you in a birds-eye view with the ability to place different obstacles/towers in the way of the enemy. Krinkle Krasher takes a different approach: you play from a first-person view and you control a magic hand that has the ability to cast different spells to keep the Krinkles at bay.

There are different kinds of Krinkles for you to stomp on, and they will require you to combine some spells in order to exterminate them. Krinkle Krusher launched early last year on PS4 and PSVita and was met with mediocre reviews, although it spices up the tower-defense genre a bit.

Krinkle Krusher raids the Xbox One on February 5.

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Which of these games are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

Jonathan Dollison