ColorWare's limited edition Xbox One Elite Titan Controller costs almost as much as the console

ColorWare's Xbox One Elite Titan Controller is a thing of beauty. It features a custom gold carbon fiber graphic at the front, and a jet black gloss finish at the back. Production is limited to a run of just 50 units. The standard Xbox One Elite Controller retails for $150 (opens in new tab), but the custom paint job and the exclusivity of ColorWare's offering means that its Titan Controller is available for $299.

ColorWare describes the controller thusly:

Carbon fiber is a man-made material that has revolutionized the aerospace industry, auto racing and artificial limbs. Although carbon fiber is incredibly strong and lightweight, it also has a distinctive woven pattern that makes it appealing to the masses. Because of its appeal, ColorWare created a custom gold carbon fiber graphic for the Xbox One Elite Controller. This limited edition custom Xbox one controller with the gold carbon fiber graphics is called Titan.This custom Xbox One Elite controller is not only heavier and more substantial, but it has three sets of thumbsticks varying in length and shape. It also has two d-pads. One shaped like the original and one designed for cross-directional movements.To top it off, there are four detachable paddles controlled by a free Xbox app designed specifically for the controller. This app allows you to program the back paddles, and remap any of the 14 digital inputs from the controller.

Interested? Head down to ColorWare to check out the Titan Controller in all its magnificence.

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Any giveaway for this XD !!
  • Let us know when they mold one using carbon fiber.
  • Oh it's not officially made by Microsoft! No thanks!
  • It is...It's a controller, gutted, painted and put back together....Then charger $150 more.... gota love it...
  • So, to sum this up, it's basically an Xbox One Elite Controller with a $299 paint job. Talk about a waste of money!!!!
  • $149* paint job
  • Yea it's not actually made OF carbon fibre. What a rip off
  • Exactly! Its a carbon fibre graphic, not actually carbon fiber
  • looks sweet, i mean it looks awesome! 300... thats too much for me :( maybe in my next life   whoever can afford this, should buy it right away!
  • Not worth. I would prefer other colors. Posted via the Windows Central App for BlackBerry Passport
  • It looked a hell of a lot better in the low lighting photo than in the video.
  • Hahahahah
  • Don't rip us off...
  • pull the control apart, hydrodip it, put it back together, jack the price up... brilliant.
  • Those who have a playstation are missing out
  • What a rip! Make it out of real carbon fiber and lets talk. But a graphic? I'd rather my 10 year old paint mine. At least it would be unique and exclusive and only cost me an ice cream cone.
  • Listen kid, do NOT put the ice cream cone down and back away from the controller slowly, and nobody gets hurt!
  • Lol what?
  • Yea, thinking of that, just get something to seal the paint....  For the price, I agree with you, if it was made out of real carbon fiber, then I could see the $300 price tag ($340 or so after taxes and shipping I am sure)
  • Nice looking controller, one has to wonder... You can pull a Xbox one controller apart and the face comes completely off. Take it off, bring it an auto painting place and see how much they would charge to do something like this. Even better, have someone create one in carbon fibre...
  • I pitty the fool that wastes 300$ on this. AND I bet the app isn't for Windows Phone