Cortana likely to get package tracking, clues found in Windows 10 preview

Someone who decided to dive deep into the code of the Windows 10 Technical Preview has found references to a possible upcoming feature for Cortana that may allow it to be used for tracking packages.

Rahul Aggarwal used his Twitter account to post up a screenshot from the preview build which shows a mention of "ParcelDelivery" in the code. While this code may indeed be in the preview of Windows 10, that doesn't mean it will actually be enabled in the Windows Phone or Windows 10 version of Cortana.


Microsoft has been adding new features to Cortana on a regular basis for Windows Phone 8.1, including public transit reminders and most recently a way for it to remind users if their favorite band is scheduled to play nearby.

Cortana is expected to be added to Windows 10 when the consumer preview version of the OS is launched, which should happen sometime in early 2015. Do you think adding package delivery features to Cortana is a good idea?

Source: Rahul Aggarwal on Twitter

John Callaham