Daniel Rubino discusses Windows 10X on This Week in Tech

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino (Image credit: Windows Central)

In the latest episode of This Week in Tech, our executive editor Daniel Rubino discusses Windows 10X, dual-screen devices, and Microsoft's approach to a modern Windows. Rubino joined the show's host Leo Laporte as well as Alex Wilhelm and Dan Patterson to discuss Windows 10X and several other topics.

The entire episode is 2 hours and 30 minutes long, so there's plenty of discussion to digest. The discussion about Windows 10X starts around 54:17. Rubino starts off by explaining the basics of Windows 10X, how it's built of Windows Core OS, and summarizing the general thought process behind Microsoft's development of the operating system.

That discussion flows into how Windows 10X gets rid of legacy code while still having the option to run older programs inside containers. Rubino discusses how containers work in the OS and how Windows 10X is lighter than regular Windows 10 because legacy code only runs when you need it to.

After discussing Windows 10X, they move on to how some people managed to get Windows 10X onto unsupported devices, including a MacBook.

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