Someone managed to get Windows 10X running on a laptop

Windows 10X Ac
Windows 10X Ac (Image credit: Windows Central)

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  • Someone managed to get Windows 10X running on a laptop.
  • They likely used the image from the Windows 10X emulator.
  • The laptop appears to work while running Windows 10X, but we don't recommend trying it.

Someone managed to get Windows 10X running on a traditional laptop. The emulator for Windows 10X just came out a couple of days ago, but it's already been put on an unsupported device. Twitter user "Sunshine Biscuit at scale" shared a video of Windows 10X on a MacBook.

In the video, Windows 10X seems to work fairly well. The video shows off apps running in split-screen mode, moving an app back and forth between two halves of the screen, and running an app across the whole screen. The video shows a YouTube clip, indicating that audio works on the setup. It seems to work well with the laptop's trackpad as well.

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It's rather common for people to install emulator images on unsupported machines. We've seen it since way back in the Windows Phone days, and it was expected that Windows 10X would end up on a laptop sooner rather than later. I've also seen people attempt to get it onto a Windows laptop, though they haven't had as much success.

The process of getting Windows 10X onto an unsupported device is both extremely complicated and not recommended. Attempting to install Windows 10X onto a laptop could brick the device. We don't recommend attempting to put Windows 10X onto any device that's not supported. That being said, it's still fun to see what people can manage to do.

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  • The fact that it works so well means hopefully we'll see Windows 10X officially support traditional form factors sooner rather than later. At a minimum I hope we see the UI and behavior back ported to traditional Windows 10 as a replacement for Tablet Mode.
  • Amen re: tablet mode. It is so terrible on W10.
  • It's not terrible, it just not as refined as it could be for larger devices.
  • How is it terrible? I'm asking because I use it all the time on my Surface Go. It has some annoyances, but is far from terrible.
  • This reminds me of the days of Windows 8.1 how they back ported some W10 features to work there.
    Same can be said with WP8 features coming to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango via a small update
  • Gustave has pulled it off on an XPS13:
  • Waiting eagerly for someone to hack a future Arm build of 10x into a Lumia or a Surface 2.
  • Meaning Lumia 2520? (more words to meet minimums)
  • There's actual plans on flashing it on Surface Duo once it comes out and MS releases an ARM build for Neo. I guess even if MS uses Android for Duo, we'll get a surface Neo Mini for those who's eager enough and hopefully skilled enough (I'd definitely try it myself when I get my hands on one) xD.
  • Assuming the future of Windows 10X will be a lighter version of Windows 10 I think it is an exciting prospect to play with idea of being able to breath new life into an older Windows pc/tablet device. My biggest gripe is that I have my Windows pcs and tablets with a full screen start menu and live tile first experience front and centre. Live tiles have been an incredibly refreshing and pleasant work flow for me over the last 7 years. Advanced square icons with glance able information and a more advanced personalised personalise dashboard of information similar to Windows phone. Get in get out get stuff done. I think it is a big missed opportunity going forward. Recently switched to Android for the first. Time. After one week I installed Launcher 10. A wonderful experience. I think Microsoft has brought something special to the Windows and productivity experience going forward. Omitting full live tile experience feels and suggests a regression in operation and productive and enjoyable esthetic productivity (if such a term could exist). The windows 10x experience saddens me to see it as it is now. I wouldn't consider this OS as a first choice as compared to how I felt with Windows 8 and the first two years of Windows 10.
    I think Microsoft has missed the mark this far with Windows 10X be it for pc or mobile form factor. Microsoft can do better, but are not showing it in this first iteration in my view. Can only hope now, again...soon...
  • Live Tiles were a huge failure. Microsoft can't run fast enough from the terrible experience they offered. They were basically a low function notification replacement and they didn't do a good job of that. An actual notification area that is interactive is much more useful.
  • No one is going to point to the fact their running it on a Mac as well...
    just curious no one has said that yet.
  • Actually the article on Neowin refers it to Windows 10X running on a Macbook
  • I'm confused, isn't the whole point of having the emulator available is so that you can run it on different devices? Like, what else is the emulator for?
  • The point of the emulator is to run 10X on a virtual device that is like the intended target within a traditional PC. Running it ON a traditional PC is different. I guess the point of doing this was to show that 10X could run on current devices, rather than having to wait for the dual-screen devices that Microsoft is aiming it at.
  • Yah, but theres no touch screen on a mac... So its useless.
  • Someone on Twitter got it installed on a Surface Go. Said touch and wifi drivers weren't installed by default, but presumably he was able to install them manually.