Darksiders III Collector's Editions go up for preorder [updated]

Recently, THQ Nordic revealed more details about Darksiders III, including its November 27, 2018 release date. However, the announcements that really excited fans were the incredible collector's editions. Just like any "AAA" game out there, the Darksiders III: Collector's Edition features a statue. However, the elusive "Apocalypse Edition" contains four and they look absolutely breathtaking. These are definitely must-have items for fans of the franchise!

Updated July 30, 2018: Darksiders III: Apocalypse Edition is now back in stock at various retailers like Best Buy.

Darksiders III: Collector's Edition

The package contains the game, an artbook, soundtrack, 11-inch Fury figurine, exclusive in-game armor, and a SteelBook case. The Collector's Edition costs $149.99.

Darksiders III: Apocalypse Edition

The package contains the game, an artbook, soundtrack, 11-inch Fury figurine, 10-inch War figurine, 10-inch Death figurine, 10-inch "Vulgrim" figurine, amulet, wall scroll, and exclusive in-game armor. The Apocalypse Edition costs $399.99.

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Asher Madan

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  • I love Darksiders, but $399.99 US!?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? $340 is the total "value" for the figurines, artbook and audio CD. So, $57 for each of those? Man, that is asking too much IMO.
  • There's also a metal amulet in there. Maybe that's why?
  • Eh, figurines are fairly expensive on the market. You're easily looking at $75-$100 for figurines of that size and quality. Artbooks are usually in the $20-$40 price range at release for various products. Audio CD... $10 tops. So, overall, they're probably in the right ball park at least.
  • A quick search shows the death figurine to buy on its own is $80, so the price seems accurate. People don't seem to realise how much companies charge for collectible figurines, whether the value is there is up to the individual purchaser, but assuming all are around that price, $80 on their own, that's $320 worth of the editions value. So... accurate.