Finger Prty

Tomorrow, August 9, finger game Finger Party will be free to download for Windows Phone users. The deal is a collaboration between Finger Party developer MaxPirat and myAppFree, a Windows Phone app that works with developers to offer one free application per day. Like all apps downloaded through myAppFree, the Finger Party deal will last for 24 hours.

Finger Party is an agility test for your phalanges, where you must drag color-coordinated symbols to their corresponding counterparts above. The premise is simple, but the execution is much more complicated. If you think you're digits are up to it, download the full version and let your fingers do the walking through 96 increasingly more difficult levels.

Put your fingers to work with Finger Party

You can find out more about Finger Party and download it here (deal appears to be active already). And if you are interested in trying myAppFree to get more daily deals, as well as keeping track of everything, you can download it here (right QR code). Thanks, for the tip, Massimo!

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