The Chronicles of Emerland

The Chronicles of Emerland is a fantasy game that combines the elements of a hidden picture puzzle with a game of solitaire. The game has two difficulty levels and a ton of levels to conquer.

The game is available in both the Windows Stores and the Windows Phone Store (goes simply by Emerland). The Windows 8 version typically runs $4.49. However, through the myAppFree campaign over the next twenty-four hours you can pick up the Windows 8 version of The Chronicles of Emerland free.

The back story with The Chronicles of Emerland has you learning card magic from an old wizard when you are chosen by fate to save the world from an evil sorcerer. You travel the lands solving puzzles and ultimately facing off with the sorcerer. Throughout the game you encounter all sorts of fantasy creatures such as elves, dwarves and mermaids.

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Game play is primarily a game of solitaire, but there are a few hidden object games thrown in to keep things interesting. The game has a series of power-up/bonus items that can be earned through game play or purchased in the game's store with the gold you earn by winning hands.

The Chronicles of Emerland

Think of Emerland as a Lord of the Rings version of Fairway Solitaire.

The Chronicles of Emerland is normally priced at $4.49 in the Windows Store. The developer has partnered with myAppFree and for the next twenty-four hours you can pick up Emerland free. In just tinkering with The Chronicles of Emerland for a short time this morning, it comes across as an entertaining, mildly addictive game. The game plays out nicely from a tablet and is well suited for helping you pass the time.

Please note that The Chronicles of Emerland is not a universal app but is also available in the Windows Phone Store ($1.99 with a trial). It is our understanding that the deal does extend to the Windows Phone version, but at last check hadn't kicked in yet. It could be a Store issue or a time zone issue. Hopefully, the Windows Phone version will become free shortly but in the meantime, the Windows Store deal is already live.

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