Dell embraces Ryzen again with its latest Inspiron Gaming Desktop

Dell Gaming Inspiron
Dell Gaming Inspiron

Dell is getting its E3 2018 product announcements out there nice and early with the introduction of its new Inspiron Gaming Desktop. This refreshed model, the 5676, starts at $849.99, is slated to be available from mid-June and brings the latest Ryzen Pinnacle Ridge 2nd Generation processors to the table.

Dell has been selling a Ryzen version of this desktop PC for a while, but given the performance improvements AMD has made already, it's an interesting, very affordable upgrade. Dell hasn't yet shared which configurations will be available with which processors, but the Ryzen 7 will be available and there will also be Radeon graphics on offer up to the RX 580.

Dell Gaming Inspiron

Dell Gaming Inspiron

Other spec options include up to 32GB of RAM and a combination of HDD and SSD storage, with up to 2TB on offer for mass storage and a 256GB boot drive so you won't pull your hair out just loading up Windows.

Dell has taken a more subtle approach to designing the exterior of this gaming PC when compared to some other brands, even its own wild Alienware products, and it's actually fairly good looking and discreet. It's still designed for performance and importantly, air flow since there are no liquid cooling options from the factory.

Dell also made sure it's ready for today's PC world with USB-C 3.1 support, and it's ready for whatever you might want to do in the future with a raft of drive bays to expand with both HDD and SSD, as well as having two PCIe x 16 slots for some of the best graphics cards.

All told it's a solid upgrade and should be a great option for folks interested in Ryzen, but less interested in building their own PC.

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