Dell goes big with new 55- and 86-inch touch monitors

Dell has gone big with its latest pair of monitors for the education and business markets. In a lot of ways, the 55-inch and 86-inch 4K Interactive Touch Monitors (opens in new tab) (C5518QT and C8618QT) are much like Microsoft's own meeting room slate, the Surface Hub — only without the computer internals. Both interactive monitors come in addition to a 70-inch 1080p version that Dell already offers.

As the names sort of give away, both monitors pack 4K (3840x2160) resolutions. Each display can also support 20 simultaneous touch points and includes an anti-glare and anti-smudge coating. There's also support for two included passive styluses, which Dell says offer a "natural writing experience." Lastly, there are a number of ports on each monitor to take advantage of, compatibility with Dell's Wireless Module, and a back panel slot that can integrate Dell's OptiPlex Micro desktop.

Dell 55, 86 Rear

As far as availability is concerned, both monitors are set to go on sale on March 30. The 55-inch (C5518QT) model will be priced "below $5,000," while the 86-inch (C8618QT) will run "below $11,000."

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Link seems to not be working. As well, not having luck find the 55" 4k or 1080p on their site.
  • Maybe because it's not out yet? At the end of the article it said it will be released March 30th.
  • I was specifically looking for the 1080 version - "Both interactive monitors come in addition to a 70-inch 1080p version that Dell already offers."
    EDIT: Aaannnd I am an idiot. Thanks, VOMoereira. Ugh. haha
  • Dell C7017T is the 1080p 70" touch monitor and is currently available world wide.   
  • So other than a slot for a pc in back, why would I choose this over 55in 4k tv from say vizio at a 1/4 the cost? Touch? 4k extra for touch?
  • Touch? Yes touch or are you looking for 'alternative facts'.
  • Does continuum support touch wired or wireless?
  • It does, on both!
  • Then it will be fantastic on this.
    I use continuum to my TV wirelessly and the 950xl videos are stunning with HDR.
  • Yes. I really want a 55" touch display for my SB and continuum. I can't justify the price of a hub or studio, but I think something like this would be awesome.
  • Take my money!
  • Are these displays can be bought with extended ProSupport (4/5 years)?
  • My problem with the 70" model is that the touch interface is not capacitive. The touch interface is not considered a touch interface by Windows 10, but more as a mouse. Some Win 10 apps, like the new ink tools don't work with it. This severely limits it's ability to replace a Surface Hub. These new ones use a technology called "InGlass" Touch. I will have to confirm with my Dell rep they are different. In regards to price, I think if you have a premier account, you will get a hefty discount. This is not a consumer device.