Dell Venue Pro with AT&T bands clears FCC

Although we barely have a T-Mobile version out the gates for what is turning out to be quite the tumultuous launch, an updated version of the Dell Venue Pro sporting AT&T's 3G bands (WCDMA Band II and V) has cleared the FCC. Other candidate carriers include Rogers, Bell, or Telus.

Right away we think that's good news, but as Engadget points out, Dell has a history of getting things approved but not releasing them. A sort of "just in case" methodology, we suppose. However, we think in this situation an AT&T bound Venue Pro is quite likely, after all Ma Bell has been aggressive with the WP7 devices so far and we're expecting a "second wave" from them and others in a few months. Not to mention, despite the terrible launch of the VP, it's still a coveted design for many consumers and is only offered by Dell.

But nothing is written in stone, so stay tuned.

Source: FCC; via Engadget

Daniel Rubino

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  • I love my Surround bit I've been lusting after the Venue since the moment I saw it, but was bummed when I found out it was for T-Mobile. Now I'm getting excited again!
  • Would be great to get this on ATT (and other carriers as well). Although I don't need the QWERTY keyboard, I still think this device is just delicious! If Asus doesn't bring it, my money goes to Dell.