Dell Venue Pro getting NoDo starting today, separate firmware update coming later

Looks like there has been some confusion regarding the Dell Venue Pro and the NoDo update, which started coming out today for the HD7. Many users have successfully received the pre-NoDo February update, but few if anyone has received the big NoDo one itself. As Lionel Menchaca, Chief Blogger for Dell Inc. (opens in new tab) states, users can expect NoDo to "rolled out...over time starting today" and a second firmware update from Dell "coming later".

That second bit hints at something we've been hearing--a firmware update that will fix some outstanding issues that DVP has been plagued with since launch. What exactly this firmware update will fix is not clear yet, so we'll be awaiting for details in Menchaca's Dell post which should be forthcoming soon.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, pjfan75, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • That's **** amazing lolEven though I haven't really experienced ny problems aside from a crappy camera
  • Wow... Now that is something. Dell is gonna show us some love? Amazing. Too late I got tired of waiting and did the proxy hack to get the NoDo... Guess this will hold me over until they release the firmware. Hope it fixes.... everything!!!
  • What problems have you been having?Also 16 or 8gb?
  • I'm using the 16GB DVP. I'm also on my 4th device. DELL must hate me because every time I get one, I run it through various tests to see if I can replicate my previous issues, then send it back. This time I'm still having issues, but wanted to wait for NoDo to see if it addressed anything. So now I'll wait for Dell's update... but if that doesn't fix it, I'm going to Sprint. Issues I've had: Random Freezing Random Restarts Apps not loading Restarts Black screen (phone will still be on, but you can only get a back light)The device is wonderful in terms of ascetics, but DELL messed up the software. Don't even let me mention the earphone jack :-/ Like I said, hope all is fixed (granted the earphone jack is a lost cause).
  • A shame. I'm on 8gb. Been contemplating getting a larger SD card to throw in.I haven't had any of the problems you're reporting besides random times where the screen is black. Also my camera is crappy as **** can be.
  • Woohoo!
  • Now im wondering if changing the sd card would affect the fixes dell is pushing with their update. I couldnt take the wifi problem anymore so i changed the card to a 32GB card and its working fine.oddly the camera seems to work a little better as well...
  • I think its interesting Dell is going to send out a firmware update for their device. It seems like they want to actually help the platform and their device succeed. I think the venue pro is a very handsome device. Another note: If OEMS can send firmware updates to their devices while bypassing the wireless carriers all together then the problem is solved for MSFT. I think anything to help differentiate from one device to another would be a welcoming sign that the platform is growing. I think MSFT should be able to push through updates by themselves, but if OEMS want to add something then go for it. I think they should have bypassed the wireless carriers all together. They are greedy.
  • I used this on my HTC HD7 and it worked in getting NoDo pushed. i will try it tonight on my DVP and let you know if it works as well
  • i also tried the same method on my DVP. works as well
  • All:Heads up... my Direct2Dell blog post is live:,Lionel