Dell Venue Pro headed for UK's Clove, unlocked on Nov 8th

While  we got the first look at the Dell Venue Pro here in the States and were expecting it here before anywhere else, guess we were wrong. Looks like Clove in the UK are set to receive the portrait slider phone on November 8th--SIM free/unlocked, no less. No word on how much internal storage though (8GB or 16GB) as that area under specs is oddly left blank.

Unlocked/SIM free though is not cheap: at £375.00 (£440 including VAT tax), the phone will run around $590 ($692 including VAT). Still, you could presumably order it now and have it sent here if you wanted to be extra cool.

Hmmmm....(looks down at wallet)

Source: Clove; via Tracy & Matt

Daniel Rubino

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  • Clove isn't a mobile operator, it's just a website that sells unlocked phones and other things
  • @ CalumCookable--noted and changed! thx
  • AT&T?? from the research I've done, it doesn't look like it'll get 3G in the US unless you have T-Mobile, which is the carrier that gets it here anyway. If t-mobile's coverage wasn't horrendous, I would do it. Anyone please tell me differently... I want this phone so badly.