For those of you who ordered the elusive Dell Venue Pro and were hoping for an early holiday gift, looks like you'll be waiting even longer.

Though the device was set to launch in November, it was then pushed back two weeks only to have defective devices ship to a few dozen people. Then came the actual order date and the device were expected to ship by December 15th. Well, one day out from that magical day and no signs of any stock moving, in fact quite the opposite. When Dell support was contacted, varying answers and run around were given but the short of it is the device won't ship till January 5th:

I received a call this evening (5:30pm CST) from Dell - some random call center in India - stating that the delivery of my order has been delayed to January 5, 2011. I ordered the 16GB, off-contract, on Dec 1 at 8am CST

Of course January 5th is if you can take Dell's word and at this point, we're not sure we can as they are seriously burning some bridges with potential customers. No official word from Dell.

Source: XDA Forums; via wmpoweruser, TmoNews