Dell Venue Pro shipping in India with Copy/Paste [Update]

Back on February 21st, we ran a report about the Dell Venue Pro launching in India with copy/paste support. Flash forward two weeks and now we have some visual confirmation that this is indeed the case. FoneArena is not only reporting it but they have photos, OS version info (v7.0.7355.0) and even a full video you see above, showing it all in action. Note that this DVP is running the same OS build as some Samsungs and the Verizon HTC Trophy, while the Sprint Arrive runs the later build 7389. Currently, the differences between the builds are unknown.

Of course with reports that NoDo is coming as early as Monday for some, this is less exciting than it was two weeks ago. Combined with reports that Samsung users who send their phones in for servicing are getting the latest update pre-installed on return and it makes sense: OEMs have had this update for quite awhile already and they're ready to ship.

Source: FoneArena; Thanks, Varun

Daniel Rubino

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  • awesome! just three days to wait!
  • I wish they would release a CDMA version of this phone I could use on Sprint.
  • Oh cool, so you CAN paste more than once. I read somewhere the clipboard gets emptied once you paste but you just kinda swipe the suggestion bar. Awesome.
  • I probably only need Copy/Paste like 1-2 times a week, so its not crucial, but I am really looking forward to this. Everytime I dont have it, I'm like UGH!. I really like how they embedded the old tuck/paste technology. But the way it is setup now with the side tuck/paste is even better. Copy/Paste into numerous places was a pleasent surprise as well. I didn't see him paste into a 3rd party app, but I'm sure thats supported. Hopefully ATT pushes this out on their phones soon. Supposedly today, but we shall see.