Dell's new 24-inch monitor is a gaming powerhouse

Dell has launched a new 24-inch monitor that should have gamers turning their heads. The new S2417DG (opens in new tab) (via The Verge) is a smaller version of its 27-inch sibling released last year, albeit with one big difference: a step up to a 165Hz refresh rate. The monitor also features support for NVIDIA's G-Sync, which should mean gamers won't see any screen tearing when paired with an NVIDIA graphics card.

As for other specs, the S2417DG packs a 2560 x 1440 resolution, both DisplayPort and HDMI inputs, and four USB 3.0 ports. And if you don't necessarily enjoy messing with your monitor's individual settings, the S2417DG also includes visual presets for RPG, FPS and RTS modes that should keep things looking their best depending on the game.

Interested? If so, the S2417DG is available at Amazon (opens in new tab) and other retailers for a cool $570.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • No 4k?
  • Agreed. Plus built in speakers.
  • And Windows hello web cam. Where's the built in privacy feature that hp has?
  • I'd rather have a 1440p monitor with a 165Hz refresh than a 4k at 60hz.
  • yep and being 24" the PPI would be very good as well.
  • I'd rather have an hp elite x3
  • You've fallen victim to the marketeering hype train. 4k for a 24" gaming monitor is useless. That either reduces FPS or forces you to spend hundreds more on a beefier or second graphics card, both in exchange for almost no noticeable/real gain. I feel more sorry for people gaming on smallish 4k monitors than I am impressed.
    The first real and major criticism of this monitor should be the TN panel, which gives it a little bit of a higher refresh rate but comes at the huge cost of color accuracy. IMHO an instant fail.
    The monitor industry is depressingly stagnant. Where are the 27" OLED and QLED monitors I've wanted for a decade? Where are the super thin monitors? When will nvidia and the rest of the industry finally agree on one adaptive sync technology. Ugh... I'm in the market for a monitor, but the industry is really not helping me pull the trigger.
  • When it comes to oled monitors, I believe there was a tech hurdle for larger display sizes, though I've seen some tvs, so it may be a case of just not worth the price, unfortunately, as beautiful as oled is, its flawed in ways and really expensive to produce
  • There are no insurmountable technical issues, particularly not in regard to OLED display size. The issues are related only to economies of scale, cost and risk. Those are admittedly still issues, just not ones I care about as a consumer looking for a high-end monitor. I was hoping to purchase a QLED monitor this year, but now it's looking to be 2018 ☹
  • Dell monitors are fantastic, I recently bought a 2515H, absolutely brilliant and not a dead pixel to be seen Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would just buy a 40 inch 4k tv
  • For $570? I haven't checked the prices for 4k in a few years
  • which at best would be 60hz and completely ignores the entire point of this monitor....
  • Yep course you would, enjoy the ghosting.
  • And watch super man?
  • TVs make terrible monitors. They are very slow
  • Yes,I bought a 4k tv for under $400 at Costco. It's great for gaming
  • IPS?
  • Yes which means light bleed around the edges
  • Sounds painful
  • Is there a difference when connecting a sp4 to a monitor via mini dp to mini dp as opposed to mini dp to hdmi (via adapter)
  • Is the panel still as bad when it comes to colour?
  • It depends. I bought my Iiyama 5year ago cause it has really good timing and almost perfect colour fidelity with highest dE around 2 (colour are judged as roght if dE is under 3).
    Problem with TN is not really the colour, contrast is generally around 800:1, 900:1 whiwh is not so great, and the overall is not vibrant. Plus the view angle that are not great at all. On a 27" tn pannel, you can see difference between the bottom and the top of the screen cause of those narrow view angle. But for a 24", it's okay.
  • Not if you prefer black and white
  • As soon as it said NVIDIA G Sync I was out. Looked perfect up until that point.
  • Yeah, NVidia G String sounds better.
  • Why mention The Verge? Couldn't you just go direct to Dell instead of referencing that PAID FOR crappy web site?
  • they mentioned it because the people at Windows Central are reputable journalists that are classy enough to let you know their sources.