Dell's latest Inspiron all-in-ones won't break the bank

The various different PC makers at the show clearly see continued worth in the all-in-one form factor as these two are far from the only new ones announced. But, where something like the ASUS Zen AiO is aiming at the very top end, Dell's latest efforts are targeted at those looking for a more affordable experience.

Inspiron 20

As the names imply, there are two sizes on offer and two spec levels to go with them. The Inspiron 20 is the cheaper, lower-spec model, while the Inspiron 24 cranks up the hardware a couple of notches.

The Inspiron 20 features Intel's Braswell CPUs and a 19.5-inch HD+ display wrapped up in a decent looking package with front facing speakers. It's slim enough to fit in any corner of the home and features a pop-out stand that just props it up on a table as opposed to some much larger construction that takes up space and adds weight.

Specs wise here's the full rundown.

The Inspiron 24 is the higher-end offering of the two with a 23.8-inch 1920x1080 resolution display with optional touch. This model is available in a choice of CPU configurations from either the Intel Braswell or the latest 6th generation AMD ranges. It's the AMD version which Dell has been showing at Computex. The full spec sheet looks like this.

Inspiron 24

Both will be made available at some point with Windows 10 out of the box, but the Inspiron 24 is available to buy now in North America through Dell directly starting at $479.99. Naturally, adding on some increased specs will see that start to climb but it's still a great starting point for a well packaged, reasonably capable all-in-one. The Inspiron 20 will be available first in China in September, with a North American launch coming in October. It'll be available from $329.99.

Inspiron 24

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  • 480 $ = 29,000 INR , doesn't break the bank actually.... But need mimimum intel i3 5th Gen.... None prefer AMD in India.....
  • Please don't generalise things because you just know them that way.I have so many people in my circle using AMD.I have an AMD processor on my pc and yes, iam from India.
  • Add the import tax and local state taxes before just converting prices from USD to INR.
  • I have amd fx8350 octa-core on my pc which is a beast. Never goes beyond 20-30% only during games it goes 60-80%. Am running all current games with ease while Intel i5 runs shit compared to mine.Dont believe me then go chek on youtube urself. The problem with amd is they are not releasing any new architecture which is more power efficient.
  • Anyone notice the spec sheet says windows 10 available September 2015 under the OS options'
  • That's when Dell plans to sell these pre-loaded I believe. Don't ask me why
  • Well AiO's aren't generally PC's which people buy during the "back to school" sales.
  • I noticed that as well. The 20" says September for Windows 10 64bit, but the 24 incher has "available in October" for Windows 10 64bit.
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  • Are there any pictures of stand, like from the side or back? From these pictures from the front it doens't look like it would be too sturdy, especially as a touch screen.
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