Destiny is out today, which Guardian class are you going to play?

Bungie's latest game, Destiny, is now out on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Destiny is an online multiplayer first-person shooter set in a mythical science fiction setting. You play as a Guardian, tasked with helping fend off hostile alien races as Earth rebuilds. There are three Guardian types to choose from – which are you going to play as?

Already playing Destiny? You can skip down to the poll and let us know which class you will pick. Haven't played yet? Read up on the classes and then let us know which one you're going to go play as.

In Destiny we have three Guardian classes: Titan, Hunter and Warlock. Each is capable of wielding the same weapons, but have different abilities that affect gameplay. Note: There are three races in the game (Human, Exo and Awoken), but these races are purely cosmetic and do not impact gameplay at all. We'll be ignoring the races and focusing on classes. That's where the magic happens.


  • Play as a Titan if you like: power, lots and lots of power. Titans are heavily armored and fight head-on.
  • The Titan specialization Striker gives you the Fist of Havoc super, this allows you to melee multiple opponents in close quarters combat with one blow to the ground.


  • Play as a Hunter if you like: being sneaky, like an assassin. Hunters are fast and precise with a focus on speed, agility and stealth.
  • The Hunter specialization Gunslinger gives you the Golden Gun super that you can use to most enemies in one shot.


  • Play as a Warlock if you like: magic and being Gandalf with a gun. Warlocks like to use magic to destroy their foes.
  • The Warlock specialization Voidwalker gives you the Nova Bomb super, an explosive blast of energy that you can nuke your enemies with.


Let us know which Guardian class you plan on playing as! Don't forget to let us know why you went with that class in the comments below!

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Sam Sabri
  • Hunter. I'm a sneaky Sam.
  • Which is best if your good at Halo?
  • The Master Chief Collection.
  • Lol
  • Warlock.. all flashy awesomeness. Wonder how much I can play it like a "support". Also.. holy unskippable cutscenes! The first 20 minutes you get to shoot things for about 4 mins.
  • Sam, please put in a note somewhere comparing Destiny to Warframe. Warframe is free and is a VERY similar if not the same game. Every website seems to be overlooking this due to Warframe being an Indie Game.
  • Warframe is a pile of wet shit compared to Destiny.
  • How so? Same 3 classes, Better story line compared to watered down halo that is destiny, better combat flow, and the same mutliplayer diagram. Also Warframe is free. How does any of that sound worse than a $60 game that has the same structure?  
  • ^ this
  • I've played both. Warframe is ok but it really does lack the polish and professionalism of Destiny. It feels like an imitation that doesn't quite hit the mark.
  • I played Warlock in the beta, but this time I'm playing Titan. I quite like being able to tank -- for example, I always use the Ogre in Titanfall.
  • Hunter
  • Halo ftw!
  • This.
  • No PC version. Sniffle.
  • I feel you bro
  • Ikr!
  • February 2015. :D
  • Warlock all the way. Female Awoken. She's hot and ready to dance!
  • Made that same character in the beta!
  • None, I'm playing NHL 15
  • How is it? FIFA 15 is what I'm waiting for.
  • The demo! :D
  • Already have my hunter close to lvl 10
  • I have a job... =D
  • Alas...Work...
    Same here...
  • I have school...
  • @Mediacastle
    Lmao! You messed him up with that.
  • Its awesome I can't vote in the poll using my phone. It can't read the file type..
  • Easy fix, just buy a windows phone 8.x .
  • I'm using the can I vote? +1020
  • I have the Icon. A phone VERY deserving of 8.1. I will not downgrade the performance of my phone just for an operating system. Verizon just needs to hurry their sweet asses up.
  • Playing with a titan now seems to suit my play style.
  • Passing on it. Too many good games coming out this fall and I gotta budget. Thank God Evolve got pushed back
  • Funny that Evolve was gamers number one pick in many events over destiny.
  • Evolve getting pushed back is the only reason im getting Destiny... I have a strong hunch this is the reason evolve got delayed :P
  • Titan
  • Wish Bungie made the Destiny companion app for Windows Phone.
  • +1020
  • im holding off on this game.  The beta wasnt too impressive for me.  Seemed to be too much of a Halo rippoff as far as enimies and characters.  Gameplay came off as a cross between Halo and Mass Effect.  Im sure it doesnt suck, but there are more games coming out soon id rather invest in.  Plus other players are already saying the game is just not enthusiastic.
  • technically, buying a game is an expense. There is one distinguishing difference between an expense and an investment. That difference is a “positive income result”. In other words, if by spending money, you can generate more income or growth than the expense, then in essence your spending is not a waste of money but instead a means to increase revenues.
  • But how would you make money off buying a new game? Lol I look at it as do you think you'll get your money's worth from the game
  • Went warlock first. Used that nova bomb in the crucible with great satisfaction as I watched the guy disintegrate.
  • Yes! Just bought and downloaded it! Plants vs Zombies, Garden Warfare!
  • Loving my warlock right now! Gamertags?
  • NvG Zuka. Titan
  • Ghostayonme
  • Warlock
  • Does this game suck like early reviews say or is that just bs?
  • It's pure bs, you WILL love it I promise... It got much better. =D
  • Warlock
  • I would like to keep my distance as a hunter, but all too often I rush in headlong so I decided to play the titan for, wish I could play a combination of the two. =P
  • Is this game even good? Hard to find reviews. Is this similar to Halo or similar to an MMO?
  • If you liked Firefight from Halo, with a loot system like borderlands, you will love this game. I like this game, the reviews are mostly wrong. Its not much of a MMO to me though, in the traditional sense. Titans and the Fist of Havoc are tons of fun though.
  • I'm going Titan
  • Definitely a Titan, with the Defender subclass. I've always been a tank in MMOs and other RPGs, and being able to hop in with my fists and plant down a shield that can block even the Golden Gun is just realllllllly satisfying. That said, I'm seriously interested in playing a Bladedancer Hunter - I saw some video and instantly said, "Well, that's badass. I should do that"
  • Holding out for master chef collection but before then hyrule warriors
  • Just bought my X One last night! Picking up Destiny later today!
  • Lucky! Did you get the latest deal that comes with a free game of your choice? 
  • Definately playing as a Titan. Got the Guardian Edition preordered and reloaded on X1 :-)
  • Also have a job as any responsible adult with bills to pay. I miss my student days
  • "Voidwalker", "Nova Bomb". Must be references to Peter F. Hamilton.
  • +920
  • DO NOT BUY Destiny. TRY warframe first. Better story, worse graphics, same multiplayer, cost $0 vs $60 for Destiny. Please heed my advice! Warframe is free for xbox one.  
  • Warframe is the current Micro Transaction King. To get the good stuff, you have to spend $60.
  • Halo 5.
  • Warlock
  • Not buying until I see reviews.
  • Tbh, idk yet. I think I'll do titan.
  • Noop I pass that game. Wainting sunset overdrive and forza horizon.
  • No idea yet....Pre-loaded on my Xbox one and I'll jump into it tonight when I get free time... I am leaning towards a Titan tho...
  • None, game is boring. Got the statue, sold the game. Now Waiting for sunset overdrive and MCC, forza horizon 2.
  • Warlock
  • None. The beta didn't excite me, the gameplay wasn't all that special, so I'm just going to stick with the games I have, while making Halo: TMCC my next shooter.
  • Titan for me. Eventually i will play as all class though.
  • I'd play the hunter if I was getting the game, but I'm going to wait for the PC version because I'm a lousy shot with a thumb joystick and want to use the mouse. I'm also not super thrilled that they got MMO all over my shooter. It wasn't too egregious in the beta I played though so I'll still give it a shot when it's on PC.
  • None. Was so excited for this game and played the beta and was very let-down.
  • Waiting for Lego Destiny
  • Warlock
  • Racist.
  • I was about to downoad it, looked at the price (55gbp), then looked on both amazon and game where its cheaper to buy the physical copy, also game is cheaper WITH an extra add on! Now I really dont even know if I want the game BUT would probably just buy it if I could just click and download, the fact I cant do that so easily and have to order online (Im based in NL where they dont have it yet) makes me think do i even want to spend my money, So i understand MS cant offer all the pre order stuff as its all about deals but when its MORE expensive to buy direct from them they are just going to make LESS money from me.   RANT over.... for now.
  • Warlock, and or hunter. Titan is ok.
  • PCMasterRace
  • More like PCMaster****... You know where I'm going with this. I joke... Or do I?
  • Getting it today for free, along with my X1 purchase. I played all 3 classes up to level 8 in the beta, so it's a hard decision for me. I'm usually indecisive, so I will probably jump around between the class. Great game btw. Any nay-sayers are either still in their teens, or don't know a solid multiplayer experience when they see one.
  • Or have critical thinking capacity.
  • None. I'm an Xbox gamer.
  • The original Xbox?
  • Shhhhh......It is on both the 360 and XB1. But Sony doesn't want anyone to know that. So keep it on the lowdown.
  • Titan
  • Hunter
  • Warlock, then Titan. Hunter for the achievements later :)
  • None. Waiting for reviews before buying. WatchDogs was trrrble. The hype was all mahooky.
  • Warlock - Human
  • Warlock
  • After reading the descriptions, I would go for the titan. I played a tank in WoW and while I liked to DPS... I found out that my role is the tank, and a Titan sounds like it. Still, I played the beta and didn't really find it as awesome as everyone was saying it was... to me, it was a Borderlands with different graphics, but I only played for a little time so I think I missed the key points. Still, I would play a Titan.
  • From playing the X360 beta, I'm taking the hunter class. I'm trying to score an Xbox One this week but they have been sold out for awhile in ND,USA.
  • Hunter because you get a cloak
  • We're recruiting for our clan Bro Mageddon. Check us up at Bungie and join if you're in for some fun gaming. We'll be online a lot and we're all social :D We're on Xbox One!
  • Hunter!!!!!
  • After much though, I decided to pass on Destiny. It has a lot going for it, sure, and the actioney bits of the beta were crisp.. But the rest of it didn't captivate me. However, my main reason is I really don't like the treatment Bungie/Activision have been giving Xbox One/MS... (Souped-up PS4 version, PS4 bundles,, MS can't even advertise the game??) Just seems Bungee was awful quick to get totally in bed with Sony when they owe much of their success to MS and the Xbox brand. It's a clear case of spitting in the hand that served you, and that just doesn't sit right with me. I simply refuse to reward them with an Xbox purchase for that.
  • I'm curious - if MS is not allowed to advertise the game then why is an ad for it front and centre on the home screen of my Xbox when it fires up? Just asking is all...
  • srsly? Microsoft isn't allowed to advertise the game (we're talking TV, print, online ads here) for the Xbox because Sony secured exclusive rights to do so from Activision. A little pop-up on your system's dashboard letting you know the game is now available to purchase is... not mainstream advertising. But listen, don't take my word for it. Do a Bing search for 'Destiny Cologne' and see what comes up... :)
  • I played as a hunter in the beta, so this time I've fired up as a Titan. It would be cool if at some point they provided the ability to switch classes but retain your experience points though.
  • I'm playing as a Warlock. Their and Melee and Super Charged Powers are very Awesome :)