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Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for Xbox One to get 1080p support and all PC patches

The upcoming Xbox One version of Blizzard's hit fantasy action-RPG Diablo III will support 1080p screen resolutions via a "Day One" patch, and the game will also get the same post-launch patches that will be released for the current PC version.

The game, due out on August 19th with the rather long and dark title Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, will contain all of the content in the original PC game plus everything in the recent expansion pack Reaper of Souls. Blizzard released Diablo III for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles in 2013, but those players can transfer their save games to the Xbox One version so they can experience all of the new Reaper of Souls content.

The biggest news is that after the Xbox One version hit store shelves, it will get all of the patches that Blizzard will release for the PC version of the game from now on, starting with the 2.1 patch that was just launched for the PC port. In an article on Xbox Wire, Microsoft says this kind of post-release patch support is possible on the Xbox One due to its high end hardware and its ability to patch games in the background.

John Hight, production director for Diablo III. is quoted as saying, "When we started on this adventure, we thought we'd never be able to do updates on the console side in the same way we do with the PC. This allows us to be more responsive to our customers. Our goal is to eventually make these updates simultaneous." It sounds like the Xbox 360 port of the Ultimate Evil Edition won't be so lucky, however.

Are you looking forward to playing Diablo III on the Xbox One, especially since post-release patches will be made available soon after the PC versions are made?

Source: Xbox Wire (opens in new tab)

  • Wish I could play with my friends, but as I understand the PC version can't play with the console versions.
  • What does this game have to do with Windows Phone? NOTHING I guess this dude had to fill his daily blog post quota and couldn't think of anything else
  • Calm your tits?
  • I'm not your mom
  • Xbox 360 & Xbox One use Live only! PS3 & PS4 use PSN only! PC using Battlenet only! 3 different network's with no cross playing. PC still the best!...My 780Ti video card and 27" 1440p monitor, consoles can't even compare with cut down intergraded graphics and 720p & 1080p resolution's only!
  • Diablo III could easily play on next generation WP9 using the Snapdragon 810 (64-bit) and Adreno 430 Graphics!
    2015 WP9 going to be awesome!
  • Will it have achievements?
  • Yes, all Xbox One games will have achievements.
  • GT: Wael90
  • Probably not as many as the pc version.
  • It wasn't a serious question. And yeah, Steam overdoes it with achievements
  • Indeed, although blizzard use their own achievement system, but there are a lot, the game probably has well over 100 different achievements.
  • PC and Consoles are the same! PC 2.1v is = to consoles.
  • That's such a great thing for Xbox ecosystem.
  • Next year Microsoft will unify there OS eco system with NT 7.0 (aka Windows 9 & WP9) 64-bit Intel 64 and 64-bit ARMv8 architecture. "64-bit only!" Broadwell
    Snapdragon 810
  • I didn't think the XBOX ONE hardware was capable of 1080p?
  • It is capable but depends on the developer and the game
  • Really? Forza 5 (a launch game) was 1080p. There are plenty other games that are 1080p. Devs had to work a bit harder but the June SDK has made it much easier by unlocking power previously reserved for Kinect.
  • do you really think such small resourced focused on Kinect would change so much? what 1fps? please... that has NOTHING to do with 1080p, again it depends on Developers and how they cheat or not, how they model or do text it and code the game. few resources grabbed from Kinect would not do practically anything if the developer is good or not.
    so no... kinect and that has nothing to do with it, it just part of the tweaks and optimizations Microsoft has done to Xbox One but it will not give 4k resolution or and more fps automatically.
  • So extra processing power has nothing to do with it? Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
  • He is so wrong, but let he live in a burble xD
  • I agree. I'm sure they traded something else for higher resolution. With physical hardware limitations, nobody can tell me they can achieve the same graphics quality. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Diablo 3 works fine even on laptops with integrated Intel GPUs, would be hilarious to see a box supposedly designed for gaming to struggle at just 1080p. But then again, XBone's hardware design is so terrible that everything seems possible at this point.
  • What is do terrible about the design of the Xbox one?
  • Terrible memory arrangement (What is this? 2006? It's the PS3 all over again...) Having the equivalent of a entry level GPU (the ones that AMD sell for Facebook machines). Severely crippled raster pipeline (16 ROPs compared to the 32 AMD puts in mid range cards aimed at 1080p). Trying to feed a modern GPU with DDR3 RAM. Pointless (and very expensive) peripherals driving a tight BoM up. Messy software solution (when you need 3 pseudoOS to do basic stuff you should consider going back to the drawing board and scrap everything, because you're doing it extremely wrong). The whole TVTVTVTVTV-thing without a integrated TV Tuner (this was genuinely hilarious). And last but not least the half empty box with a huge power brick which is completely ridiculous compared to PS4 (more power and intergrated PSU on a smaller box) or even the first Steambox prototype (which packs the punch of ~4 XBones in a smaller DIY case).
  • Are you an hardware designer? You don't know how good or bad is the hardware inside Xbox One
  • The ultimate pathetic fucking Sony Pony troll is back again.
  • Yes I was going to reply, then saw his post below. Obvious childish troll.
    When he hits puberty he may grow out of it. The Xbox One hardware is amazing, particularly given the realtime video encoding for recording and the asics they have made. I wouldn't knock the PS4, I'm sure its a fine machine, but the Xbox One is also amazing. I love mine. I'm loving Plants vs Zombies and I didn't really play Titanfall all that much but the new daily achievements have got me playing it lots more, and some of the weapons Im unlocking are juicy. Much to love. And voice controlling my TV is just sumptuous.  Diablo 3? I hammered this on PC... but its so tempting with a force feedback joypad, if the price is right I just might :)
  • The Xbox One hardware is amazing Maybe in 2009, but today is joke. particularly given the realtime video encoding for recording and the asics they have made They made nothing, hardware h.264 video encoding is everywhere. Desktop/laptop AMD GPUs encode video with AMD VCE just like XBone, Nvidia GPUs encode video with NVENC (Shadowplay), Intel CPUs encode video with QuickSync and even your phone encodes h.264 video with the dedicated hardware in its SoC. It's a basic feature, there's nothing amazing about it. I wouldn't knock the PS4, I'm sure its a fine machine, but the Xbox One is also amazing. I never mentioned PS4, but you're right, PS4's design makes the most sense for a cheap box.
  • Its not just hardware, its how the 3 parallel running OS instances on the hardware means I can seamlessly record via one part of the system whilst playing full bore on the other. You clearly love Sony. Well done. But I am being objective, because I own the Xbox One and its a really nice machine. The visuals are on a par with my Desktop PC gaming rig, but on my lovely 50 inch plasma. Its a big leap over the 360 it replaces, which is only evident when owning and using the 2 side by side like I have for even the briefest of time.
  • Excuse me, do I know you?
  • I've seen you spout your shit all over the internet Rubios. You're a Sony Pony.
  • Depends on graphics obviously. Blizzard games aren't known for having the best graphics. I mean put something like Half-Life 1 on XBOX ONE and you could easily play it on like 4000p.
  • The intent lied to you, of course it can do 1080p
  • Xbox 360 & PS3 are 720p Xbox One & PS4 are 1080p My PC is 1440p
  • It's amazing that after the updated June SDK most new games are getting the royal 1080p treatment.
  • I'd rather they received the royal 60fps treatment, than the 1080p treatment. But
    , PC is there for that.
  • Completely agreed. I'm sure that the press coverage will do little to highlight that these titles are on par with the PS4. For that matter, all they could talk about after the June SDK release was how Microsoft was, "abandoning" Kinect to increase performance. Naturally, that wasn't even close to the truth but it was a better headline. Just sickening to me.
  • 60fps @1440p on PC much better!
  • sick of the 1080p argument....Ryse wasn't 1080p and that game is easily the best looking game on Xbox one or ps4...can we drop this already.
  • Agreed. Ryse recently won the prestigious SIGGRAPH award for Best Real-Time Graphics.
  • *For the techniques used and all the development behind them, not the final result. Crytek would have gotten the award just the same if Ryse were a WiiU game.
  • Wrong, Wii U or past gen hardware can't handle those "techniques", and those techniques allows the final result.
  • WiiU's GPU supports Shader Model 5.0 so everything is technically possible.
  • Wii U is crap! Xbox One has 768 Shaders! PS4 has 1152 Shaders! My PC 780Ti video card has 2880 shaders!
  • High Definition is very important! There is a difference! 720p (1280x720)
    1080p (1920x1080) 2.1MP
    1440p (2560x1440) 3.6MP
    2160p (3840x2160) 8.4MP There no video card's yet that can play games @2160p 60fps everything maxed out yet! Even my $750. 780Ti only gets 30fps on 2160p resolution.
  • Pre ordered! I had loads of fun in the 360 and now I can continue that into this Gen.
  • Insane
  • +100
  • Maybe I read it wrong but pretty sure 2.1 is not on the live servers yet for PC. But I sure wish it was. ;)
  • Diablo III is on 3 different network's! No cross playing! Live
  • I have this on PC and my surface pro 2 runs it flawlessly and (yes that statement is irrelevant ) I am excited to get this on my XboxOne
  • What other games are you running on your Surface Pro 2?  I have one but have not tried any games on it yet.
  • The Surface Pro 4 going to use Intel Broadwell architecture (5th generation) it's intergraded graphics have been upgraded to Shader Model 6.0 (DirectX 12 API and OpenGL 5.0 API) support! Should be better for playing PC games.
  • I would love to play this on an Xbox One. That is, if I owned one.
  • Blizzard is all about quality over quantity. I may pick this up just due to how cool they are.
  • +100
  • I can not wait for this^_^ this and Minecraft all I want