Diablo-like 'Torchlight II' lands on Xbox One, gets bombastic launch trailer

What you need to know

  • Torchlight II is a cult classic that launched on PC in 2012.
  • The game just launched on Xbox One.
  • The game runs at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on Xbox One X.
  • You can purchase Torchlight II through the Microsoft Store for $20.

Torchlight II is an isometric action role-playing game along the lines of Diablo III and other loot-focused experiences. It came out on PC in 2012 and garnered stellar reviews, but it's only taken Torchlight II seven years to land on Xbox One. Luckily, it was well worth the wait because there's a lot to love about the game.

The story picks up after the events of the first game. The hero from Torchlight, The Alchemist, comes under the influence of a dark power and it's up to you to stop him. The launch trailer provides more information about what's going on in the world.

Torchlight II runs at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on Xbox One X. While the textures might not be the best due to its pastel-like aesthetic, they still look great on a modern display. Just don't zoom in too much because everything becomes blurry and pixelated.

In Windows Central's review, I said, "Overall, Torchlight II is a great game that holds up even after all these years. The title is a lot of fun on your own, but it's even better when you're playing with friends. Just like the PC version, the Xbox One port features online co-op. Considering the fact that the game only costs $20, it represents astonishing value because it'll take you dozens of hours to complete and features a lot of replayability. Just don't expect the best story."

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