Did Microsoft just tease the official name of Windows 11?

Windows Event
Windows Event (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft will hold an official event to unveil the "next generation of Windows" on June 24.
  • A photo shared by Microsoft may have teased the official name of the next version of Windows.
  • The event starts at 11 AM ET, which some believe is a hint as well.

Since Microsoft announced its Windows event on June 24, and even for some time before that, people have speculated about the name of the next version of Windows. We've run a poll on it, have an editorial arguing why Microsoft should name it Windows 11, and look forward to any official word from Microsoft. But before we hear anything official, some people believe that Microsoft has already teased the Windows 11 name.

Microsoft's still image for the event has a window and two blocks of light below it. One could argue that the blocks of light look a bit like the number "11," though that's a bit of a stretch. The video version of the image seems a bit more clear. That video could easily continue its motion of the blocks getting thinner to create an 11. Notably, the crossbar of the window doesn't cast a shadow within the blocks.

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The event to show off the next generation of Windows also starts at 11 AM ET, which isn't the same starting time as most Microsoft events. Some around the web believe that this is a hint at Microsoft moving to the Windows 11 name.

Of course, this could all be us looking for a hint that isn't there, as joked about by our executive editor Daniel Rubino on Twitter.

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Do you think the image teases the name of the next version of Windows? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • It's definitely W11 No way Microsoft didn't do that on purpose
  • They didn't accidentally leave out the cross bars in the light coming through the window. There is definitely some tease or symbolism to it.
  • The vertical window bar is significantly wider further away from the window, which suggests a light source that is near the bottom of the window. However, the light on the floor starts so close to the wall that for that to be right, the light source would have to be almost vertical above it. None of it makes any sense.
  • Or is this just grasping at straws? Time will tell...
  • Extremely straight straws that happen to be a capital I x 2 or lower case L x 2.
    Plus the roman numeral for 2 is II and for 50 is L so it could be Windows 100 lol. Joking aside, the name is not important what's important is the functionality lol.
  • Looks to me like it is a reference to Sun Valley with the sun light coming in. The odd part about this picture is the lack of shadow for the horizontal Window separator, only has the vertical separator. So, it could be Windows 11. However, I don't like Windows 11 in that it is not creative. It could also mean Windows 1 or Windows One for the branding since there is a single line (remember it doesn't have to be a number, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista). Windows One would tie it to OneDrive (not sure it should be).
  • @rmark66 Skydrive was a better name imo. Damn Rupert and his cronies. They didn't do damn thing using the Sky branding for cloud storage.
  • Windows 11 - Codename: Sun Va ll ey
  • Mind = b ll own
  • Nah, it's the roman numeral for 2 or 100. It's either capital I x2 or lower cases Ls haha.
  • Does anyone remember how much Panos enjoyed the whole "this laptop is already amazing! So please re-watch this promo video but look a little closer..." reveal of the Surface Book a while back? Considering he's involved with Windows now I'm guessing he might enjoy pulling some kind of special reveal of the new version's name and/or special feature changes. It wouldn't surprise me if these "hints" where his sense of theatrics.
  • The "11" is obvious, but hey that was already predicted by Microsoft back in 1984.
    The sign was already on the wall, it was right in your face and nobody noticed it!
    Check out the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xgx4k83zzc
  • Windows 11, Windows One, Windows, 3 main possibilities but we will know quite soon which one it will be. I hope they will do like now on this new upgrade by letting devices upgrade in stead of asking for a fresh install or pay for it.
    Anyway if it has great features and solve current problems I have for months now, I won't argue to pay a bit for it.
  • After Windows 95/98 came Windows ME.
    After Windows XP came Windows Vista.
    After Windows 7 came Windows 8. Do you really think they want to give people reason to consider whether they want a follow-up to Windows 10? Not saying this out of superstition, just that people remember and you're going to hear it being said in the press if they really do announce a new Windows version.
  • You're being absurd. The name won't change.
  • We accept your apology.
  • Why not just go for windows and have "11" for the version of it? Like build 11.21H1?
  • Way too logical. I agree with you.
  • I don't think it would be a great deal for Microsoft. Unlike Apple, Microsoft still sells copies of Windows, both directly to customers so they can install on their custom PCs, and also to customers, but through OEMs and their laptops and tablets. It's good to have the number plastered everywhere.
  • This'll be a huge mistake from Microsoft if they do. They said W10 was a WAAS and the final edition with continual updates so no need to change number... If anything drop the numbering!
  • Microsoft have always said since they released Windows 10 that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows. So i think it will just be called Windows
  • Absolutely! That's the first thing that came to me when I looked at the video. Since they have been playing with the microsoft logo during past events and for the windows 10 release, there is much to hope for a wow effect when they finally reveal the new windows.
    I can't help but want to mention the little folding animation of the Microsoft logo when they reveled surface neo. I see an other animation for specifically the closing of the video when time to show the full name.
  • Seriously....does anyone actually care what it's called? They just keep making things worse. They should just call it "Windows" and stop wasting everyone's time with fluff.
  • Windows: Profiler Edition
    Guarantee you:
    1. Local Accounts are gone
    2. Every bit of data they can transmit back to microsoft servers about you and your windows use and browsing habits will be on by default. Edge doesn't remember settings between devices that would make it so they cant track and profile as easily. That 21H1 weather/news widget in your taskbar is about profiling not just about weather/news. Edge is running in the background all the time now so they can display this info. You all will have no problem with it. The next generation seem to not care about being abused by corporations. And we all know politicians are on board so long as the under-the-table money keeps changing hands.
  • I think it is quite hard to make a teaser where two parallel lines would not appear to avoid triggering of all Windows 11 fans.
  • For compose the 911 ?
    Ending development of 10 ?
    Many people have needing to stay in past for apprehending future ?
  • Or maybe it's the roman numeral for two: II